Fishing Butler – Keeps your fishing rods organized!

fishing butler logoThe Butler Does It!

Born from the idea that there must be a better way to keep fishing rods organized and stop the tangled insanity. R Ideas saw there was a problem and set out to fix that problem.

After test marketing and listening to our customers wants and needs, we now have an excellent product that will make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

fishingbutler1More people are spending time with their line in the water instead of dealing with a tangled mess. Since introducing the Fishing Butlers to the retail market, we have received many emails, phone calls and letters of appreciation on how great the fishing butlers are for transporting and organized storage.

We also now realize people are using the fishing butlers for all kinds of things and that they are not just great for fishing rods. We’ve sold them for use on paddles, oars, skis, ropes, extension cords, tools, rakes, shovels, rackets and many more.


Feel free to take a closer look at the fishing butler web site and don’t forget to check out our dealer page to find out where to get yours.

Dealer inquiries are always welcome.