SAS Software – Fishing Calendar

sis logoPlan fishing trips based upon sun and moon position

Fishing Calendar instantly displays best fishing times for your current location. Quickly choose days and times with the greatest probability of successful fishing. Fishing Calendar stores your catches with photo, size, weight, location… for later analyze or just to tease your friends.

Proven so-lunar theory
The Solunar Theory will predict the best day and time that each month has to offer. Fishing calendar does all the math for you.

Prediction Calendar
Infinite worldwide calendar
Infinite calendar that works for years to come. Each prediction is made for specific location that can be selected on map or your current location can be obtained from GPS (iPhone only).

Month and week overview
Plan your fishing trips months or even years ahead. Month view will display accurate data for each day in any selected month. Week view will help you to plan your weekend fishing trips.

Detailed day view
Select Day view from month or week view and you will get accurate chart for specific day. Fishing efficiency is shown within few minutes accuracy. Day view displays night-day periods with sun and moon displayed how they move for specific day. Their influence can be clearly seen on fishing efficiency chart. Data such as: sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon-phase and moon-overhead are also displayed.

Fishing diary
Log your catches
Log your catches regularly and you will create astonishing fishing diary. Each catch-log stores all information that fisherman needs. Even fishing location is stored so you can see where exactly each fish was caught.

Analyze it
Your trophies collection contains all necessary data for serious analyze. Data such as bait are also very useful for analyze. Compare prediction times with actual catch and you will see the accuracy of Fishing Calendar for iPhone.

Display catches on map
You want to find good fishing spot? No problem. All your catches are displayed on map and you can see location where fishes are most likely will be. Of course it’s may be worth to try new location. (Small)