T. Allen Rods to Debut Two New Groundbreaking Rods

At ICAST 2013, Florida-based T. Allen Rods will debut two groundbreaking rods: the Wave Series-Titanium and Wave Series-Baitcaster, featuring industry-exclusive technology which will bring better casting distance, accuracy, and control to anglers everywhere, regardless of skill, experience, reel preference, or location.

tar1306_3439 (Small)T. Allen Rods will debut two new groundbreaking rods at ICAST 2013 that will bring better distance, accuracy, strength, sensitivity, balance, and additional benefits to anglers everywhere.

The Wave Series-Titanium is the brand new “big brother” to T. Allen Rods’ critically-acclaimed Wave Series spinning rod. The first production rod of its type in the world, Wave Series-Titanium feature the “TidalWave Hybrid MicroWave System” from American Tackle. This guide system contains a combination of titanium and stainless steel components, and represents the strongest, lightest, most durable and corrosion-resistant guide train on the market. This system captures and redirects energy from the coiling line leaving the spool at the stripper guide, which maintains lines speed, eliminates friction, and allows the bait or lure to pull the line. When installed to T. Allen Rods’ custom specifications on their 100% carbon fiber rod blank, the Wave Series-Titanium quickly proves to be a super-lightweight, exquisitely-balanced, easy-to-cast rod for every type of angler.

T. Allen Rods will also debut the Wave Series-Baitcaster at ICAST 2013. The Wave Series-Baitcaster also maintains line velocity, eliminates friction, and allows the bait or lure to pull the line. However, the Wave Series-Baitcaster differs from its counterparts in that it is specifically designed to achieve line energy capture and redirection by taming vertical line undulation.

Because of their light weight, extraordinary balance, strength and sensitivity, T. Allen Rods’ entire “Wave Series” production line allows anglers to cast longer distances with greater accuracy, and with less effort. All these advantages lead to a less strenuous, more enjoyable fishing experience for everyone. Furthermore, all “Wave Series” rods are designed to perform with a large variety of reels from various manufacturers, function flawlessly with mono, fluorocarbon, and braided line of various weights, and deliver incredible results in any number of applications, utilizing various baits, lures, and casting techniques.

“The entire Wave Series, in spinning, baitcasting, and titanium formats, represents ultimate combination of the newest and best technology the retail fishing industry has seen in a long time. Now, anyone can make longer, more accurate casts, regardless of how or where they fish, or with what reel they prefer. The Wave Series changes everything,” said Capt. Terry Allen Sturgeon, President, T. Allen Rods Inc.

The Wave Series-Titanium and Wave Series-Baitcaster rods now join the “Wave Series-Spinning”, “Tournament Series” and “Angler Series” production rods offered by T. Allen Rods Inc. Every rod is assembled to exacting specifications and rigorous manufacturing standards in Florida, and represents the culmination of design and building expertise from Captain Terry Allen Sturgeon, a custom rod builder who has provided elite-quality rods and repairs for anglers in the southeast for almost twenty years.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, T. Allen Rods Inc. builds high-quality, high-value fishing rods for anglers of diverse skill and need sets; they are “The Finest Rods On Earth”. All T. Allen Rods are assembled in America to the same exacting specifications that Capt. Terry Allen Sturgeon has employed throughout his entire custom rod building career, and can be purchased online at http://www.tallenrods.com.