No, the dog didn’t eat it. He did, however, just step on the rod and snap its tip. And in the mere moments following, the canine became an entangled mess of monofilament and fur. You pull over to the road side only to discover the worst: Your favorite fishing rod’s now broken and its reel stripped completely free of line.

But it didn’t have to be this way, says the indisputable leader in gear protection, Plano.

4243-50 Guide Series™ 43" Rod Tube Shown
4243-50 Guide Series™ 43″ Rod Tube Shown

Plano has always been known for steadfast security of sporting gear – guns, rods and reels, tackle and more; so it’s no surprise they’ve gone and refortified their popular Guide Series™ Rod Tubes—already a topnotch pole protection product.

New for 2014 is the best in two-, three-, even four-piece-and-more rod protection; three fully secured Guide Series rod tube models to protect your precious rod and reel combos. And they’re great for both the long haul to exotic waters as well as just-around-the-corner angling.

4264-50 Guide Series™ 64" Rod Tube Shown
4264-50 Guide Series™ 64″ Rod Tube Shown

All Plano Guide Series Rod Tubes have been upgraded with an even tougher scuff- and pierce-resistant exterior, each wrapped in PVC-laminated 1680D polyester, which fits snug over a sturdy reinforced polypropylene tube. Plus, there’s generous padding to shelter your reel.

The lineup includes a 64-incher (model 426450) that saves fly rods to 9.5 feet from harm’s way, as well a 54-inch long case (model 425450) for spinning and baitcasting combos to 7 feet, and a 43-incher (model 424350) ideal for ultra-light rigs. All three sport a heavy-duty lockable zipper for speedy access, removable padded shoulder strap and luggage tag holder, and come in dapper khaki and copper tones. And priced in the mid $50 range, all models offer an economical investment against the dreaded damaged rod.

It’s a fact that more “accidents” happen within 25 miles of home than anywhere, including snipped tips and stripped line. But they don’t have to. Protect your rods and their reels with Guide Series Rod Tubes and you’ll never have another “stuff happens” or “better trip next time” moment.