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St. Croix Rod: BASS X Hits the Racks

Put a Big Fat ‘X’ on Your Shopping List St. Croix Rods’ highly anticipated BASS X series now appearing in stores Park Fall, WI (November 7, 2016) – We’ve all gotten caught up in the hoopla around the release of a “life changing” product. Don’t be ashamed if you camped out to own the latest and greatest iPhone. (Now if ... Read More »

Trapper Tackle: Muscle Hook Reimagined

Muscle Hook Reimagined Trapper Tackle’s Offset Wide Gap, X Heavy Hook features innovative Trapper Box™ Palm Beach Gardens, FL (November 4, 2016) – The offset wide gap hook equates with bass fishing more than any other piece of terminal tackle. Designed to be dressed with a soft plastic offering, and presented in often nasty, bass-concealing cover, the offset wide gap ... Read More »

CUSTOM JIGS & SPINS: Tricked-Out Tungsten

Tricked-Out Tungsten Custom Jigs & Spins ice fishing pros offer technical jig tips Coralville, IA (October 31, 2016) – Tungsten jigs activate soft ice plastics like a fat bat on a fastball, a spring on a trap, a hammer on a bullet. Even while the hype over ‘rates of fall’ and ‘sinking fast to active fish’ permeates conventional conversations around ... Read More »

FRABILL: Minnows, Leeches, Worms…OH MY!

MINNOWS, LEECHES AND WORMS …OH MY! NEW FRABILL UNIVERSAL BAIT CAN IS KID-FRIENDLY, ADULT-ANGLER APPROVED Plano, IL (October 14, 2016) – Much like the corn cob pipe, the “bait can” started its existence as a repurposed item that was formerly relegated to junk status. While other coffee cans may have collected miscellaneous screws and bolts on dusty, cobweb-covered garage windowsills, ... Read More »

FRABILL: Come. Sit. Stay.

  COME. SIT. STAY. NEW FRABILL CITADEL MODEL 3455 BRINGS COMBO-CASE BENCH SEATING AND FULL INSULATION TO FRABILL’S MOST SPACIOUS LINE OF SIDESTEPTM FLIP-OVER SHELTERS Plano, IL (October 11, 2016) – Come through its generous SideStepTM entry doors. Sit down on its comfy and practical Combo-Case Bench. Stay and catch fish all day long in complete comfort. New for the ... Read More »

FRABILL: Pack More, Stay Longer

PACK MORE GEAR, STAY COMFORTABLE AND FISH LONGER NEW FRABILL PADDED TRUNK AND BOAT SEAT ON TRUNK COMBINE CAVERNOUS GEAR STORAGE WITH LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE, GO-ANYWHERE SEATING.   Plano, IL (October 3, 2016) – Challenged to come up with a better angling perch for perch (or whatever species ice-anglers pursue), the fishy folks at Frabill have engineered two new portable seating/storage ... Read More »

OLD TOWN: Winning Watercraft Now Available

Old Town® Predator PDL™ Now Shipping Revolutionary pedal-drive fishing kayak offers no-fail forward and reverse, unrivaled boat control and fishability Old Town, Maine (September 28, 2016): Old Town Canoes & Kayaks is proud to announce that the ICAST 2016 award-winning Old Town Predator PDL is now shipping, bringing anglers no-fail forward and reverse for unrivaled hands-free boat control and fishability. “We’re ... Read More »

CUSTOM JIGS & SPINS: Ultimate One-Two Punch

Ice Fishing Fast with Finesse —The Ultimate One-Two Punch Custom Jigs & Spins Pro Finesse Drop Chain amplifies nearly any ice lure Coralville, IA (September 26, 2016) – Every action, they say, yields its own consequence. The best things in life, and all that, are not necessarily free. Take the tastiest foods: candy bars, bacon and Big Macs. Not so ... Read More »

Boating App Tip #3 – How to customize your map!

Maps that can be customized and layered with information are invaluable on the water, just as they are on the road! The Navionics Boating App hosts a rich set of features enabling a customizable chart display to benefit any type of boater! Utilize basic Map Options by tapping Menu>Map Options to choose a map overlay such as Satellite or Terrain, ... Read More »

NEW LURE: Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow

HOT LURE: New GLOW Rotating Power Minnow (RPM) Custom Jigs & Spins Boosts the Season’s Best Ice Lure with Powerful New Glow Coralville, IA (September 1, 2016) – Just how hot are the new generation of vertical swimming lures, like Custom Jigs & Spins’ radical Rotating Power Minnow (RPM)? So hot, says Todd Heitkamp, owner of leading ice fishing retailer ... Read More »