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ONIX™ NT (Non-Tactile) Versions of Award-Winning Fish-Finders Humminbird offers anglers keypad-control-only versions of award-winning ONIX with same unparalleled fish-finding technologies, lower price EUFAULA, AL (January 13, 2015) – Following a “Best of Electronics” win at ICAST 2014 in Orlando, Florida, Humminbird is proud to announce additional models to the acclaimed ONIX™ fish-finder family. Humminbird’s new ONIX™ NT (Non-Tactile) offers anglers ... Read More »

AQUA-VU: Amazing New Bio-Lume

New Biology-Based Fishing Light Energizes the Aquatic Food Chain Aqua-Vu’s Bio-Lume System engineered for powerful, portable underwater fish-attraction   Crosslake, MN (December 30, 2014) – Darkness falls. Once-crystalline waters turn strange shades of deep-space black. Hovering beneath the inky surface, aquatic wraiths emerge from their daylight depths, powerfully drawn to a familiar underwater glow and the tiny critters that envelope ... Read More »

HUMMINBIRD: Your New Hardwater Hero

Humminbird®’s New Hardwater Hero: The 688ci HD Ice Combo New ICE 688 offers three formidable technologies for ice anglers … and a whole lot more EUFAULA, AL. (December 4, 2014) – Across the Ice Belt, anglers are already banging up early-ice walleye, panfish and pike. And, as cold temperatures befall much of the Ice Belt, all indications point to a good, ... Read More »

HUMMINBIRD: Let’s meet the HELIX family!

Humminbird® Introduces New HELIX™ Fishfinder Family Compact units pack a huge punch, offer anglers widescreen color display and pro features at an equally attractive price point   EUFAULA, AL. (November 21, 2014) – Continuing with the trend of offering anglers more features at a compelling value, Humminbird® is proud to announce the launch of HELIX™, a family of compact-format fishfinders ... Read More »

AQUA-VU: First “Wearable” Underwater Camera

Aqua-Vu Designs First “Wearable” Underwater Camera System New Micro-Mobile Pro Viewing Case offered FREE with any Micro Cam purchase   Crosslake, MN (November 5, 2014) – What if, rather than carrying that smartphone or tablet in your hands, technology allowed you to actually “wear” these indispensible devices? Imagine having the device always at the ready in front of your eyes, ... Read More »

AQUA-VU: Highest Resolution Yet

Underwater optics go “next level” with High Resolution Aqua-Vu Micros Original underwater camera company enhances Micro 5 & Micro Plus DVR optics  Crosslake, Minn. (October 27, 2014) – To the naked eye, a drop of lake water doesn’t look particularly exciting. But place that same bead of water under a microscope and the array of tiny critters dancing before your eyes is ... Read More »

8 Fish-Finding Secrets Every Serious Angler Should Know

Humminbird® 360 Imaging™ gives BASS Elite Pro Ott DeFoe competitive edge Knoxville, Tennessee-based BASS Elite Pro Ott DeFoe may have more hours on his Humminbird Bow 360 than any other angler on the planet. As such, DeFoe is the perfect person to offer fellow fishermen true “insider” tips on getting the most out of 360 Imaging. “It’s changed the way ... Read More »

Aqua-Vu® releases powerful, portable fish communication device.

Economical Micro 5c Underwater Viewing System to be shown at ICAST 2014 Crosslake, Minn. (June 7, 2014) – Wonder what Alexander Graham Bell might say today about the evolution of his “electromagnetic telephone?” Given that the modern smart phone fits nicely into your pocket and works everywhere you take it—a dramatic departure from enormous earphones, rotary dials or connected tin ... Read More »

Humminbird® Launches Futuristic Fish-Finding Tool

Humminbird brings anglers even more intuitive, fish-finding power with SmartStrike™ Following the recent Humminbird® ONIX™ and ION™ Series product launch at the 2013 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Humminbird is launching yet another new technology. “ONIX and ION represent the most versatile and powerful sonar hardware on the water. Now add SmartStrike™ software to the mix and the power and ... Read More »

Aqua-Vu’s powerful Looking Glass app now available for iPhone, and at an all new low price

These days, there’s an app for everything. We’ve got useful apps like live weather radar, particularly valuable for anglers. Special music apps provide endless hours of sublime sound. And in the “can’t make this up” category, the now defunct “I Am Rich” app once charged $1,000 to simply display a virtual diamond on a smartphone screen. (In case you’re wondering, ... Read More »