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Bass Fishing in the Rain Gear

And now, here’s your Bassmaster Classic forecast: Fair chance of rain each day with winds and temps all over the map. Translation: Expect interesting weather. With conditions like that, the smart money says each of the 55 Classic contenders will at some point be shrouded in a foul weather suit. Frabill’s F-Series Storm Gear was concepted precisely for conditions like ... Read More »

FRABILL: New SideStep Ice Fishing Shelters

Peer into most portable ice fishing shelters and you’re going to see a lot of mankind and a mess of gear – that’s the nature of the sport. From dunking flasher transducers and underwater cameras, playing and landing fish, and moving gear around, we’re constantly in and out of our seats with wide sweeps of arms, elbows, rods, gear and ... Read More »

Fishouflage: New Vented Fishing Shirt

Fishing has an official jersey. You’ve seen them, and probably own a couple. Requirements include lightweight, breathable fabric, more pockets than a pool hall, and mesh venting to mitigate overheating during battle. Fishouflage, known for going beyond the call of duty, fulfills those necessities and pours in a boatload of other great features. Fishouflage’s new Vented Fishing Shirt ranks among ... Read More »

Buck Knives debuts a new fishing tool! The SPLIZZORS!

In a recent field-test, the Splizzors, Buck’s new multi-purpose fishing tool turned heads while effortlessly cutting braided line and removing hooks and lures from a multitude of fish. The Splizzors innovative design efficiently combines the use of scissors and pliers to create a versatile tool even for the most rugged of fishing tasks. Utilizing the concepts of BASS Elite anglers ... Read More »

Rod Sox

RodSox™ was created by pros that love fishing and want to spend as much time fishing when they’re on the water as possible. RodSox™ has a proprietary unique feature, a snag proof, hook resistant flared end making loading and unloading your rods quick and easy.Tired of untangling your fishing rods, and the tangled mess inside your rod locker? We have ... Read More »

I-Pilot Link

Integrated gps trolling system With i-Pilot® Link™, your Humminbird® and Minn Kota® communicate with each other to take command of your boat. Together, they give you the power of automatic boat control and the ability to create, store and revisit productive spots and paths—all while retaining the original i-Pilot functions. And all with unparalleled GPS accuracy. It’s the missing link ... Read More »

Fishing Butler – Keeps your fishing rods organized!

The Butler Does It! Born from the idea that there must be a better way to keep fishing rods organized and stop the tangled insanity. R Ideas saw there was a problem and set out to fix that problem. After test marketing and listening to our customers wants and needs, we now have an excellent product that will make your ... Read More »

Rippin Lips recently released No Trace

Someone once said that it’s better to be lucky than good, but the reality is, luck’s got nothing to do with it. What anglers call ‘good luck,’ in fact, is often little more than your ability to give off positive or neutral scent vibes. Deer hunters go to great lengths to eliminate offensive, unnatural odors that make big bucks bolt. ... Read More »

Kombo Tool

The Kombo Tool™ was developed to make the fishing experience more efficient, effective and all around easier. All-in-one and easy to use, the Kombo Tool™ comes fully equipped with a fish bonker, fillet knife, a scooper, and a blade sharpener. Its tough, Canadian-designed form was also made to ensure users will never have to worry about losing it. The bright ... Read More »