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Hot-Lipped Action in the Cold – FlatSlider 75

EVOLVE’s FlatSider 75 crankbait creates a cold-water bass-casting category In fact, cold water to a bass is bone chilling – literally. Their body temperatures are the equivalent to their surroundings. If the water’s 40 or 50 degrees, they are too. Blood flow slows and muscles tighten, making it difficult for both smallmouths and largemouths to ambush fast-paced forage. Sometimes its ... Read More »

Custom Jigs & Spins’ historic Rat Finkee

Custom Jigs & Spins’ historic Rat Finkee made a name for itself in the ‘70s; still dominates today What’s in a name? Everything. Just ponder all the products we use today whose names represent the category itself. Nick your finger with a fillet knife and you call for a ‘Band-Aid’ – not “the category leader in adhesive bandages.” After a ... Read More »

New Hooks – A Catfish’s Worst Nightmare

New Rippin Lips’ Tournament Grade Circle Hook boasts unheard of catch rates Selecting and then baiting up with a circle hook carries with it a small measure of uncertainty. Will the fish engulf the entire bait? Will the hook find purchase and penetrate the fish’s jaw? When do I grab the rod and start reeling? Striving to turn uncertainty into ... Read More »

EVOLVE’s NEW DarkStar Swimmer

Cruise the aisles of any tackle shop and you’ll see a myriad of new swimbait offerings that match the hatch. And for good reason: There’s nothing more effective than something that looks like sashimi when bass are feeding on baitfish. But that’s where the similarities end. Sure, in one way or another they all look like shad, shiners and young-of-the-year, ... Read More »

Mann’s New Three for All Bait

Mann's Bait Three For All

Mann’s recently introduced to the industry its new and innovative bait called the Three-For-All. The Three-for-All is the first soft plastic to resemble a small school of baitfish. You can see that lure at Watch an amazing underwater video below of the lure. Remember, the camera doesn’t lie. One soft plastic lure—one weedless jig head—three minnow shaped attractors. Creates ... Read More »

Duo Realis Spinbait 80

Built to with two smooth-running props, the Duo Realis Spinbait 80 is perfect for light line finesse techniques, including the new Japanese technique of “spybaiting”. The technique of “spybaiting” (also referred to as the “silent capture”) requires light line, a long distance cast, and a sinking style bait that can be crawled back to the boat. It takes patience and ... Read More »

New Culprit Chunk

New Culprit DW2 Chunk Works Great with a Wide Range of Finesse Jigs Designed for great skipping action, the DW2 Chunk has flat appendages that produce a great “deadstick” action for cold water and finesse-type situations. When paired with your favorite small-profile finesse jig, this lure’s rectangular-shaped body allows the bait to swim true on a horizontal plane along the ... Read More »


Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp. introduces a radical new fishing lure design as well as a new brand called ‘BaitBall’. The unique design implementation spotlights one of nature’s underwater survival events: the schooling formation of baitfish being ambushed by predator game fish. The new brand is defined by three elements; BaitBall is a concept, a lure, and a series of ... Read More »

Drifter Tackle – The New Vertical Jigging Hell Hound!

“Hands Down, this is the best vertical jigging option on the market! This is a game changer.” Ty Sennett This IS NOT your traditional Hell Hound Glide Bait! This is a Vertical Jig! Cast out and allow the bait to fall to bottom. With the repositioned line attachment located on the “top of the head,” you simply raise your rod ... Read More »