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FISHING HISTORY: The Custom Jigs & Spins Story

Video: 40 Years Of Family-Run Ice Tackle – The Custom Jigs & Spins Story From humble beginnings to over 18,000 jig combinations Coralville, IA (11/30/14) – From humble basement beginnings nearly 40 years ago, Custom Jigs & Spins has stayed true to one goal – handcrafting high-quality jigs that catch fish. “In 1988, my dad Poppee and I heard a ... Read More »

CUSTOM JIGS & SPINS: Slender Spoon Refinement

Going… Going… Gone to Extremes! Custom Jigs & Spins expands the Pro Series Slender Spoon spectrum with new in-demand sizes   Coralville, IA (October 2, 2014) – Minnows? Nope. Shad? Not’a. Aquatic insects? Not even close. Go ahead fishin’ geeks, take the micrometer from out of your pocket-protector and start measuring. It won’t take you long to realize no two specimens ... Read More »

CUSTOM JIGS & SPINS: Recolor Your World

Debunked: Fishing’s Biggest Sub-Surface Secret Revealed Custom Jigs & Spins adds a dozen radiant colors to the Pro Series Slender Spoon line Coralville, IA (October 29, 2014) – A UFO crashed in the desert of New Mexico in 1947, you say? No way! There’s a “monster” swimming below the surface Loch Ness in Scotland? I don’t believe it! Lure color’s ... Read More »

Sennett Tackle’s VEXER

The word “Vexer” means to PROVOKE. Designed by Chippewa Flowage Muskie guide Ty Sennett, the Vexer is a twitch bait unlike any other. All Vexer’s are made with highest quality components including: a solid, durable plastic body, through-wire construction, a polycarbonate lip, and heavy duty hooks. It is finally here! Facebook Like ButtonThe Vexer takes Twitchbait to a whole new ... Read More »

Hot-Lipped Action in the Cold – FlatSlider 75

EVOLVE’s FlatSider 75 crankbait creates a cold-water bass-casting category In fact, cold water to a bass is bone chilling – literally. Their body temperatures are the equivalent to their surroundings. If the water’s 40 or 50 degrees, they are too. Blood flow slows and muscles tighten, making it difficult for both smallmouths and largemouths to ambush fast-paced forage. Sometimes its ... Read More »

Custom Jigs & Spins’ historic Rat Finkee

Custom Jigs & Spins’ historic Rat Finkee made a name for itself in the ‘70s; still dominates today What’s in a name? Everything. Just ponder all the products we use today whose names represent the category itself. Nick your finger with a fillet knife and you call for a ‘Band-Aid’ – not “the category leader in adhesive bandages.” After a ... Read More »

New Hooks – A Catfish’s Worst Nightmare

New Rippin Lips’ Tournament Grade Circle Hook boasts unheard of catch rates Selecting and then baiting up with a circle hook carries with it a small measure of uncertainty. Will the fish engulf the entire bait? Will the hook find purchase and penetrate the fish’s jaw? When do I grab the rod and start reeling? Striving to turn uncertainty into ... Read More »

EVOLVE’s NEW DarkStar Swimmer

Cruise the aisles of any tackle shop and you’ll see a myriad of new swimbait offerings that match the hatch. And for good reason: There’s nothing more effective than something that looks like sashimi when bass are feeding on baitfish. But that’s where the similarities end. Sure, in one way or another they all look like shad, shiners and young-of-the-year, ... Read More »