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FRABILL: Already Famous 371 Now Combo-ized

A FLIPPIN’ SWEET ICE COMBO STRAIGHT LINE 371 BRO SERIES COMBO FURTHER LEGITIMIZES FRABILL’S HOTTEST HARDWATER PRESENTATION   Plano, IL (December 2, 2014) – Big breakthroughs in fishing these days are as rare as a bona fide 3-pound crappie. In many ways, flippin’ for bass—a tactic first exposed when Dee Thomas won the 1975 B.A.S.S. Arkansas Invitational on Bull Shoals ... Read More »

St. Croix Rod: A Triumph (X) in Rod Building

Just Call it the “Cool Tool” Triumph X backs its sporty, confident looks with the performance you expect from St. Croix Park Falls, WI (November 24, 2014) – Even in fishing, style sells. In a sport where product performance should be the ultimate measure – even the deciding factor in sealing the deal at the cash register – looks do ... Read More »

St. Croix Rod: Does All the Heavy Lifting

New Ice Rods Rock Heavy Metal, Earn ‘Master of Puppets’ Status St. Croix’s new Avid Ice Jigging Rods are designed to dance the deadliest walleye baits Park Falls, Wis. – (October 8, 2014) – Like the 1986 release of Metallica’s Master of Puppets, St. Croix’s new Avid Ice Jigging Rods are an instant heavy metal classic. Built specifically to control ... Read More »

St. Croix Rod: Beautiful Bottom Feeders

A ‘Gold Fish’ Worthy of a Truly Golden Rod St. Croix’s new Avid Carp Rods excel at the 2014 World Carp Championship Park Falls, WI (October 13, 2015) – While the American-bred largemouth bass holds court over millions of U.S. anglers, another magnanimous sportfish oversees a much mightier kingdom. Ordained the world’s most popular freshwater sportfish, only the carp brings ... Read More »


No, the dog didn’t eat it. He did, however, just step on the rod and snap its tip. And in the mere moments following, the canine became an entangled mess of monofilament and fur. You pull over to the road side only to discover the worst: Your favorite fishing rod’s now broken and its reel stripped completely free of line. ... Read More »

New Telescoping Jiggler

When anglers discovered flippin’—that quick and quiet pitch into the bedrooms of big bass—it opened the doors to a whole new realm of shallow water success. Why zing long noisy casts at bass that are literally, sometimes, lying directly beneath the boat? Ditto for ice fishing. Consider those ponderous panfish and other active species finning hungrily beneath your boots. No ... Read More »

New Straight Line Ice Fishing Tip Up

Fact: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Fact: Straight fishing line is more manageable and reveals strikes much better than a coiled tether. Fact: Frabill is progressive, almost prophetic in their forward-thinking tip-up program. Fact: Frabill has notched yet another victory for equipment evolution with the new Straight Line Tip-Up. The wheel won’t likely be reinvented, ... Read More »

Lamiglas launches new Steelhead Rod – SI Series

Lamiglas, a leading, global innovator in the graphite, fiberglass and composite fishing rod industry, announced today that it would be launching nearly 100 new rods, dozens of component upgrades and numerous cosmetic enhancements highlight the line-up for 2013. Included are several entirely new series which technology has only recently enabled their existence. The Lamiglas Si, Lamiglas Bug Slinger, Lamiglas Infinity ... Read More »

Falcon Cara Micro Rod

The latest in guide technology, we use up to 13 Fuji micro guides for with low friction light weight Alconite rings for increased casting distance and lighter weight. Combined it with our Cara graphite blank it makes for the lightest, most sensitive rod possible. Micro Guides – Lighter | Longer Casts | Feel More Bites | More Accurate Read More »