Aqua-Vu’s powerful Looking Glass app now available for iPhone, and at an all new low price

aquavuThese days, there’s an app for everything. We’ve got useful apps like live weather radar, particularly valuable for anglers. Special music apps provide endless hours of sublime sound. And in the “can’t make this up” category, the now defunct “I Am Rich” app once charged $1,000 to simply display a virtual diamond on a smartphone screen. (In case you’re wondering, people actually purchased it.)


Moving on to more truly applicable apps . . . Underwater camera category leader Aqua-Vu recently unveiled an amazing new video-enhancement app that automatically transforms footage from cloudy and unclear to sharp, vibrant and rich. Looking Glass™, the new technology and app, filters and clarifies any video clip in one simple step. The result is akin to flipping a light switch in a pitch-black room.

Initially available for the Apple iPad, Looking Glass is now offered as an app for the iPhone as well. A free version provides a preview of how the extraordinary video enhancer works. And from now through January 1, 2014, the complete Looking Glass version is being offered at a new low price of $9.99.

Simply go to the Apple app store with your iPhone or iPad and enter the search words “Aqua Vu.” Download the app, and then once Looking Glass is open and active, click on the shopping cart icon to complete the in-app purchase for the complete version.

Valuable for anglers and hunters alike, Looking Glass takes your raw, even previously indiscernible videos and gives them professional clarity and quality. Underwater footage filmed in dark or murky water turns crystal clear. Enhanced hunting trail cam clips reveal critters you didn’t know were there, sharply outlining trophy deer in the distance or bears previously veiled in darkness.

First developed for stealth surveillance, as well as deep-sea applications, the Looking Glass app features exclusive technology that automatically enhances and crystallizes any video clip loaded onto an iPhone or iPad. Looking Glass does things most high-end video editing software can’t, and more, and in one simple step; anyone can make a primo video with Looking Glass on the first try.

Aqua-Vu president and CEO, Ben Gibbs, explains the seemingly magical tool: “Aqua-Vu’s visibility enhancement technology uses specialized mathematics software to optimize each video frame for contrast and color spectrum. Looking Glass is not a labor-intensive editing program. It is an auto-enhancing system that improves and enhances video clarity in all conditions.”

While Looking Glass augments any pre-recorded video, a future version of the app will allow anglers to auto-enhance Aqua-Vu underwater video in real time. For more info and video examples, check Aqua-Vu’s website, and the company’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Gibbs closes by saying, “This technology has been used for deep-sea reconnaissance, security surveillance and other specialized applications for years. Its potential for hunters, anglers and other consumers is immense.”