Awesome new mapping technology! SonarCharts™ available in the U.S.!

navionics logoSonarCharts™ integrates hydrographic office charts, our proprietary surveys and sonar logs by community users. It helps in locating fishing areas and exposes incredible seabed detail not available on existing cartography. Online updates to SonarCharts™ are available daily allowing for timely bathymetric charts that reflect ever-changing conditions.


How do you get SonarCharts™?

All new Platinum+, HotMaps Platinum, and Navionics+ cards have access to SonarCharts™ with Freshest Data updates for 12 months!
Current active Freshest Data subscriptions of Platinum+, HotMaps Platinum and Navionics+ cards include access to improved SonarCharts™!
Gold and HotMaps Premium customers can purchase the new Navionics Updates card to upload new charts which include access to SonarCharts™ and Freshest Data too!
Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum cards with expired Freshest Data can update at a 50% discount for another 12 months and download SonarCharts™.

Contribute your sonar logs and get greater detail where you need it!

SonarCharts™ is not available in Canada at this time, but is planned for late 2013.