Bass Hunter – Bass Baby


Bass Hunter Boats was founded in 1977 with a boat that was not only small and easily transportable, but also incredibly stable. The twin pontoon design yielded amazing lateral stability in a boat requiring only a few inches of water to operate. A one person model was the first produced at a length of only 78 inches and weighing only 60 pounds.

Bass-BabyIn 2005, Bass Hunter Boats added rotationally molded boats to the lineup with the EX and the Bass Baby. While Bass Hunter Boats have always had a great reputation for durability, the EX and Bass Baby take “toughness” to a new level.

Bass Hunter Boats continue to be designed with a maximum 48” width, allowing them to be transported between the wheel wells of most standard size pickup trucks. All Bass Hunter Boats are produced with internal foam flotation and UV inhibitors. Great for fishing and hunting those quiet backwater areas, Bass Hunter Boats are the perfect choice for an outdoor companion.

Bass Hunter Boats…The original and still the best!

The Bass Baby is rotationally molded of high impact resistant polyethylene. It is extremely durable and long lasting. Many features are molded into the boat, such as convenient ruler, four no-tip beverage holders, multiple tackle and equipment trays, and eight handles for easy maneuvering. It has narrow pontoons, providing excellent tracking. The deep sidewalls prevent gear from going overboard. The Bass Baby sports attached rotationally molded wheels, making it very easy to hand transport from the vehicle to the water.