FISHAllure™ scented tape isn’t just a new product. It’s an exciting new category.

fish allure logoThe sport fishing industry has never seen molecular science-based technology like this before. FISHAllure™ scented tape isn’t just a new product. It’s an exciting new category.

Now anglers have the power to add an effective strike-inducing scent to any hard lure. Currently to add scent the hard lure is dipped into a scented bait liquid. Naturally in water the oily liquids float to the surface or quickly wash off. Then after fishing for any time fishing the right scent or the right scent amount to incite a strike is missing. This is what makes FISHAllure™ truly revolutionary. And it’s making waves for one powerful reason: documented delivery of strike-inducing scent to any hard lure in any situation; even after an hour of trolling.

fish allure 1

The breakthrough behind FISHAllure™ comes at the molecular level. Scientists have been able to create a proprietary polymer film that stores and releases amino acids and other active ingredients selected to stimulate the olfactory senses of fish. Rubigo Release™ technology delivers scent from the surface of any hard bait with a new polymer that slowly releases molecules as they become wet. The scent provokes a fish to strike any stick bait, swim bait, shad, crank bait, spinning or top water lure that suits the conditions and species sought.

fish allure 3Fish are already attracted by the action and color of fishing lures. But after learning that not all seductive lures are “tasty”, the more experienced fish have learned not to strike too quickly. But when you introduce scent, those same attractive lures not only have action and color, but they also smell like live bait and then induce a strike. Now within the strike zone where scent makes the crucial difference FISHAllure™ helps anglers reel in more fish and the bigger, wiser fish.

The FISHAllure™ is a proprietary polymeric film available in a convenient pressure-sensitive tab form that when applied to hard bait does three revolutionary things:

• One, it holds and releases the right scent to rise above a fish’s scent threshold, causing the fish to strike
• Two, our patented technology time-releases the scent from the tab giving an angler 60 minutes of performance for each scent tab
• Three, the scent doesn’t wash off increasing in-the-water performance

fish allure2

FISHAllure™ is a joint venture between Rubigo Technologies, the inventor of this innovative technology and Chemsultants International, the manufacturer / distributor of the FISHAllure™ peel & stick pressure-sensitive tabs.

FISHAllure™ will be officially introduced at the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure Show at the Cleveland IX Center, January 16-19, 2014. The product is currently available through on-line ordering.