I-Pilot Link

Integrated gps trolling system

humminbirdWith i-Pilot® Link™, your Humminbird® and Minn Kota® communicate with each other to take command of your boat. Together, they give you the power of automatic boat control and the ability to create, store and revisit productive spots and paths—all while retaining the original i-Pilot functions. And all with unparalleled GPS accuracy. It’s the missing link to better fishing.

i-Pilot® Link™’s unique Follow the Contour feature directs the trolling motor to follow a specific depth contour that is displayed on a 2013 LakeMaster digital GPS map. The chosen contour line can be automatically followed in either direction. In addition, anglers have the option to offset a certain distance from a chosen contour line allowing them to present the bait to a specified depth.

ipilot2Follow the Contour can also be offset from the shoreline so anglers can automatically follow a path at a set distance from shore. *Follow The Contour feature available only on i-Pilot Link enabled 2013 LakeMaster SD cards. To check the availability of 2013 LakeMaster maps for your fishing area, visit lakemaps.com/ipilotlink.

If you’re fishing at a certain depth, i-Pilot Link can keep you on it automatically. With a 2013 LakeMaster SD card in your Humminbird, Link will follow any contour you choose—in either direction—for as long as you want.

Contour Offset: You can also stay a set distance from a depth contour or the shoreline by activating Contour Offset. Set your boat a certain distance from either a selected depth contour or the shoreline, and cast to it all day long.