Introducing the new AIRBORN™ 360

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The Bare Bones is a new inflatable flats boat from Airborn. It will change the way you think about flats fishing. It is the first inflatable flats boat ever made! The idea is simple, but the implications are far reaching. Now two anglers can reach the flats and fish for a fraction of the cost of owning a traditional flats boat.


Bare Bones is a versatile craft that packs down to the size of a large suitcase. It can be checked as baggage on most airlines and it will fit in the the trunk of most cars. Inflate it and you have a highly functional two-man fishing machine that can be poled or rowed to find your favorite flats species. (click to view video)

The unique design features a high pressure “drop stitched” floor, the same technology used in inflatable stand up paddle boards. The “drop stitched” floor provides a stable platform allowing you to stand up and cast. With the frame the Bare Bones weighs just under 90 pounds and draws less than 5 inches of water. It allows you to fish spots no one else can get to. Mount a 2 hp gas motor on it and you can range out 3 or 4 miles. Now you can fish those out islands you used to only dream about.


Whether you are a yacht owner looking for a stowable flats craft, a private pilot who needs a packable boat or just an avid fisherman who wants to get up on the flats and do what you love most, the twelve and a half foot Bare Bones™ will significantly improve your fishing opportunities.