Kombo Tool

kombo2logo (Custom)The Kombo Tool™ was developed to make the fishing experience more efficient, effective and all around easier. All-in-one and easy to use, the Kombo Tool™ comes fully equipped with a fish bonker, fillet knife, a scooper, and a blade sharpener. Its tough, Canadian-designed form was also made to ensure users will never have to worry about losing it. The bright green exterior ensures it is always visibility during those crucial moments after catching your big fish and its floating capabilities mean fishermen will never again have to go diving for their favorite tool at the bottom of the lake.


Ryan Jesse, President of Kombo Tool™, reflects on where the product has come from since its development, claiming “the Kombo has really come a long way but this year we have really seen the most traction, especially with the fishing season now here!” The Kombo Tool™ has recently been featured in a number of online magazines over the past number of months including Men’s Health, Uncrate, Men’s Gear and Gizmodo. Jesse reflects on this, stating “This recent press is really exciting for us. It demonstrates the value of our product, not only as an affordable fishing accessory but as durable, well-designed and effective all-in-one tool.”

The Kombo Tool™ is available online and can be purchased at http://www.kombotool.com.

About Kombo Tool™
Kombo Tool™ is a fishing multi-tool that accomplishes four common fishing tasks with one easy-to-use device; a fish bonker, fillet knife, a scooper and a blade sharpener. Strong, sturdy, and completely floatable, this affordable tool is available online and in stores at a growing number of specialty outdoor retailers for only $29.99.

For more information or to order your Kombo Tool™ visit http://www.kombotool.com.