New Culprit Chunk

culprit logoNew Culprit DW2 Chunk Works Great with a Wide Range of Finesse Jigs

Designed for great skipping action, the DW2 Chunk has flat appendages that produce a great “deadstick” action for cold water and finesse-type situations. When paired with your favorite small-profile finesse jig, this lure’s rectangular-shaped body allows the bait to swim true on a horizontal plane along the bottom mimicking a crawfish – irresistible to heavily-pressured or lethargic bass!


The Culprit DW2 Chunk is available in 3-inch size and packaged in a convenient reclosable clam pack. Color selections include: Brown, Cinnamon Purple Black Flake, White, Black Blue Flake, Watermelon Red and Green Pumpkin.

Suggested retail price: $3.08 More details available at