New Hooks – A Catfish’s Worst Nightmare

rippinlipwNew Rippin Lips’ Tournament Grade Circle Hook boasts unheard of catch rates

Selecting and then baiting up with a circle hook carries with it a small measure of uncertainty. Will the fish engulf the entire bait? Will the hook find purchase and penetrate the fish’s jaw? When do I grab the rod and start reeling?

Striving to turn uncertainty into confidence, Rippin Lips Catfish Products has developed what is likely the safest bet in circle hooks to date. The new Tournament Grade Circle Hooks have been forged to provide the highest hook-up rates attainable. Exhaustively tested by top tournament anglers and guides, these optimized catfish catchers sting nearly 100-percent of the fish brave enough to bite one.


“We’ve been testing this hook for several seasons now,” says legendary catman John Jamison. “With hundreds of fish to its credit and counting, our fishing journals show a 94-percent hook-up rate with this hook. That’s an amazing statistic.”

Further, on a recent trip to the famed Red River of the North, Jamison’s results were validated. Dozens of bites on the hooks resulted in heavily loaded rods and trophy channel cats in the net nearly 100-percent of the time.


Jamison likens the Tournament Grade Circle Hook to a foolproof snare. “Rigged with the right line, rod and a rod holder, this hook creates the ultimate catfish trap. There’s no escaping—fish stay caught until they’re safely in the net. And because the hook nearly always penetrates the corner of the fish’s jaw, big cats stay in good shape for a lively release.”

Formed and forged using premium VMC Vanadium Steel, Tournament Grade Circle Hooks adhere to strict design specs made to maximize performance. Critical gap, offset and bend values aid and enhance point penetration, while jaw-stinging sharpness seals the deal.


“We gave these hooks a ‘tournament grade’ certification for a reason,” affirms Jamison, who has in his career won nearly every major catfish event in the country. “This title is reserved only for the tools that tournament anglers trust. These hooks are wickedly sharp. They’re tough and durable. The gap is wide enough to allow for any size bait. Most importantly, they hook and hold big fish consistently, even light biters. In tournaments, it’s the only hook I trust. ”

Finished with extra sharp points and imbued with red-blood finishes, Tournament Grade Circle Hooks offer superior performance and confidence. Forged in four sizes—3/0, 5/0, 7/0 and 8/0—Rippin Lips Tournament Grade Circle Hooks perfectly match catfish baits of all types and sizes. For more information, or to order web-direct, visit