New Straight Line Ice Fishing Tip Up

PrintFact: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Fact: Straight fishing line is more manageable and reveals strikes much better than a coiled tether. Fact: Frabill is progressive, almost prophetic in their forward-thinking tip-up program. Fact: Frabill has notched yet another victory for equipment evolution with the new Straight Line Tip-Up.

frabil tipup 2 picThe wheel won’t likely be reinvented, but Frabill has done one yeoman’s job of improving the tip-up. Instead of the conventional horizontally hung spool, Frabill turned it on its side, like a wheel, vastly improving the flawlessness of the line flow. Fishing line pours out like fresh brew from a clean tapper line.

Besides keeping the line straight like the day it was wound, the Straight Line Tip-Up’s vertical spool yields minimal tension when a fish makes a move for it. This is a particularly critical characteristic with shy biting fish that will drop the bait at any hint of resistance.

Moreover, the Straight Line Tip-Up offers a unique integrated drag system that allows the angler to control line tension for a multitude of ice fishing applications. Species like walleyes are typecast for their tendency to grab the bait and swim off. By modulating the spool tension, you can maintain the perfect amount of resistence during the run before planting the hook in its bill.

frabil tip up1

The gradable tension settings also accommodate bait of any heft or friskiness. With a minor adjustment you can administer a giant sucker minnow without a false trip and immediately switch to a smaller minnow or dead bait and employ lighter resistence.

frabill tip up walleyeIf Ice Belt statesman Scott Glorvigen could have a third arm, it’d be a tip-up. And this flag-fanatic is ecstatic about Frabill’s new Straight Line Tip-Up. “Think of it like finesse fishing with a tip-up,” says Glorvigen. “Finally, I’m able to make all those minor but oh-so-important tension adjustments to a tip-up like I’ve been doing with my reels for years.”

The Straight Line Tip-Up also features a large composite spool for better balance and control. Dual trip points further tune the trigger sensitivity. And pre-lubed with Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero® winter lubricant, the Straight Line is sure to operate even when your fingers won’t.

Fact: Tip-up fishing as we knew it just got more sophisticated. Fact: You need to add Straight Line Tip-Ups to your war chest this winter.