AQUA-VU: Amazing New Bio-Lume

New Biology-Based Fishing Light Energizes the Aquatic Food Chain

Aqua-Vu’s Bio-Lume System engineered for powerful, portable underwater fish-attraction


Crosslake, MN (December 30, 2014) – Darkness falls. Once-crystalline waters turn strange shades of deep-space black. Hovering beneath the inky surface, aquatic wraiths emerge from their daylight depths, powerfully drawn to a familiar underwater glow and the tiny critters that envelope it.

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In nature, bioluminescence is a beacon of beautiful mystery, confounding scientists and wowing observers simultaneously. To fish and the entire underwater ecosystem, brilliant green illumination often means something else entirely: food.

Tapping into this key predator-prey relationship, the underwater technologists at Aqua-Vu® recently released Bio-Lume™, a highly portable, submersible fish-attracting light designed to jump-start the food chain and energize evening angling excursions.

Fully equipped with a five-sided array of 180 High Intensity SMD LEDs, Bio-Lume distributes light to least 200-feet and provides a full 360-degrees of underwater illumination. The result is not only a spectacular underwater light show, but also a magnetic-like draw for plankton, crustaceans, squid and other light-sensing critters. When minnows and large predatory fish inevitably crash the party, the fun really begins.

“Savvy anglers who fish after dark have long recognized the importance of small-area light sources, and the positive impact they can have on catch rates,” offers fish behavior researcher, university professor and angling technology expert, Dr. Jason Halfen.

“Light sources like the submersible Aqua-Vu Bio-Lume positively impact catch rates by influencing multiple aspects of the predator-prey relationship. Even short-term use of submersible light sources can stimulate the local food web. Phytoplankton and zooplankton are instinctively drawn to these light sources. A high plankton concentration attracts minnows and other small, plankton-eating fish, which in turn draws predator fish to the illuminated area.”

Connected to 16 feet of heavy-duty power cable and juiced by most 12-volt batteries, the Aqua-Vu Bio-Lume emits a dazzling 900 Lumens of water-penetrating illumination. Built with a solid IP68 waterproof rating, Bio-Lume is engineered to attract fish for thousands of hours of operation.

Adds Dr. Halfen: “The wavelength-specific green light produced by the Aqua-Vu Bio-Lume is central to its success. Water acts like a filter for light, quickly absorbing most colors in the visible spectrum. In aquatic environments, however, only 1% of green light is absorbed per meter of water. To the angler, this means the light produced by the Bio-Lume will activate an incredibly large volume of water surrounding the light source.”

Halfen also believes the underwater light produced by the Bio-Lume is easier on human eyes, does not inhibit our night vision and is much less likely to attract flying insects above the surface. “Deploying one or more Bio-Lume systems near your nighttime fishing area is the fastest, most effective way to jump-start the underwater food chain, and to attract big actively-feeding gamefish.”

Fresh- and saltwater ready, the Aqua-Vu Bio-Lume retails for $49.99 and is designed for use on docks, piers, jetties, boats and ice fishing. For more information, or to order Bio-Lume,

In this ice fishing application, Bio-Lume is lowered two-feet down under 11-inches of ice, producing a massive, food-chain triggering aurora.
In this ice fishing application, Bio-Lume is lowered two-feet down under 11-inches of ice, producing a massive, food-chain triggering aurora.