FRABILL: Save Yourself!

Frabill takes Self-Rescueunnamed (52)

to world’s largest ice fishing show

 To demonstrate the company’s commitment to ice safety, and Self-Rescue, Frabill is giving away 1,500 pair of Ice Picks at this weekend’s St. Paul Ice Fishing Show. First come, first serve while they last. No purchase necessary. One set of ice picks per adult or child accompanied by an adult.

Also on display, will be the complete assortment of Frabill’s new I-Series ice fishing outerwear, all of which include Self-Rescue ice picks and built-in holsters.



Plano, IL (December 3, 2014) –Walking on ice to fish is nice. An unexpected plunge into the drink is not. In fact, it’s a serious situation.

Odds are you’re not “that” angler who takes life-threatening chances on lunchmeat thin or rotted end-of-season ice. But as with any extreme outdoor activity, there’s always the possibility of plans going awry and you find yourself in dire straits. And time is of the essence when frigid water and wintry temperatures suddenly encase you. There’s no waiting around for your buddies or emergency crews.

This one’s on you… You are your own best chance of getting out alive.

This Self-Rescue initiative is evident in Frabill’s new I-Series ice apparel. Every new I-Series jacket and bib sports a detailed Ice Safety Label sewn inside. You’ll be informed before embarking about how to avoid breaking through altogether. The Ice Safety Label also provides life-saving information, just in case that unforeseen circumstance should arise.

Need to know the ice thickness requirements for when on foot or motorized transport? It’s there. How about a listing of the four critical steps to self-rescue? You betcha. There’s even a reminder toalways carry ice picks – the single most important piece of ice-safety equipment you can own.

Speaking of ice picks, Frabill’s so serious about you wearing them at all times that they’ve included a FREE set of Frabill ice picks with every I-Series jacket. And those essential life-saving picks aren’t just slapped in the packaging, but already fitted in the garment’s custom ice pick holsters for immediate access and out-of-the-way positioning while fishing.

Also specific to Frabill’s new I-Series is exclusive Self-Rescue functionality, with drainage mesh located in key areas in both the jacket and bib to allow water to drain rapidly should the ice give way. Dropping water-weight greatly reduces the amount of strength needed to affect a Self-Rescue. Brilliant!

And like all Frabill signature suits, the I-Series line sports the industry’s best fit. This not only allows anglers all-day fishing comfort, but permits the most leg and arm movement of any garment on the market; essential when it comes to kicking your legs and pulling yourself up and out of the frigid water.

“As the leader in ice-fishing products, Frabill feels it’s our responsibility to inform anglers about both ice safety and Self-Rescue,” says Chris Leonard, brand manager of technical apparel for Plano Synergy.

“Every year, a few people perish when ice fishing, and not just anglers unfamiliar to the sport but professionals who were unable to effectively execute a Self-Rescue.

“Our products are designed to facilitate both prevention and an escape.”

Frabill’s goal is simple: To ensure we are all around to enjoy the sport of ice fishing for years to come.

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