Frabills NEW 1437 AQUA-LIFE Cooler Conversion Kit

frabill logo 2To save a lot of cash you sometimes have to spend a little.

Take minnows, for example; they’re always for sale but never on sale, so when you buy them in bulk you want every single one to live long and prosper. Putting the bag of bait in the cooler will protect the investment for awhile, but soon, it’ll be a chilled morgue of minnows. So what if the cooler itself could be repurposed as a breathing bait station?


Combine Frabill’s new 1437 Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kit with that big ol’ beverage cooler that’s been gathering dust in the corner of the shed and you’ve got a baitfish condo that keeps ‘em alive a long, long time.

And then there’s grandpa’s old hand-me-down boat you’ve been fishing from and killing bait in for decades. Again, with a new 1437 Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kit and a hard-sided cooler, you’re now operating with an advanced aeration system that’ll update the most antiquated watercraft.

“With Frabill’s new Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kit, I can keep my bulk bait lively in an insulated container large enough to hold hundreds of shiners or a horde of huge suckers and chubs,” says Pat Kalmerton, alpha leader of Wisconsin’s Wolf Pack Adventures guide service and a Frabill prostaff.

“It’s just what diehard livebait anglers have needed.”

To say the Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kit’s is one tough unit that’s easy to install, no matter your handyman skill level, is an understatement. Just place the template on the outside of any cooler, drill, screw, hang and… viola! With just a tap of the toggle switch, a froth of life-giving air spews from the Aqua-Life micro bubble diffuser and the respiration begins.


Coolers as large as the 100-quarts can become oxygen-infused ponds when you install a pair of Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kits. That’s an immense volume of minnows or a passel of full-size fish swimming about under low-stress conditions.

The kit comes with installation hardware, air hose and uber-quiet aerator pump, secured in a watertight 5.5” X 3.5” X 1.5-inch housing for years of faultless service. And the pump is easy to power, either via two D-cell batteries (not included), or the 12-volt and 110-volt adaptors, both included.

Grab a 1437 Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kit and convert any beverage cooler into Club Med for minnows.