AQUA-VU: Bio-Lume Stimulates “Food Web”

Stimulating the “Food Web”

Successful hardwater applications of Aqua-Vu’s new Bio-Lume system

ICE BELT, USA (February 2, 2015) – Anglers are constantly searching for the latest difference-maker to help them extract more fish from ice-capped lakes. The new Bio-Lume from Aqua-Vu, a fully submersible, fish-attracting LED light system, is the most recent tool to be adopted by ardent anglers across the northland, leading to rod-bending results. We caught up with Dr. Jason Halfen, The Technological Angler, a technophile and avid ice angler, to learn how he has been using Bio-Lume to put more fish on the ice.

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“We have enjoyed tremendous results with the Bio-Lume system fishing for crappies, perch, and even largemouth bass,” reports Dr. Halfen. “We have noted two distinct scenarios where Bio-Lume tipped the odds in our favor. The first is when fishing very stained bodies of water. These lakes are known for strong midday, full-sun bites, and at the same time, limited action on cloudy days or after dark. On such stained waters, we use Bio-Lume to our advantage during the day, especially when fishing under a full cloud deck. Bio-Lume helps by enhancing the dim sunlight that works its way into the old river channels and deep main lake basins that hold winter panfish.

“When Bio-Lume is illuminating the depths, we see more fish on our flashers, and more fish beneath the ice invariably leads to more fish in the bucket.”

Dr. Halfen continues: “The situation changes on very clear bodies of water, where the daytime bite is often tough. Savvy anglers recognize that a slow bite during the day often leads to significant fish activity as light levels change, especially at dawn and dusk. A three-step approach that includes Bio-Lume helps to enhance success with this low-light crappie bite.

“First, we spend the midday hours scouting for key locations with a Humminbird ICE 688ci sonar/GPS combo and Aqua-Vu Micro 5 camera system. Specifically, we are searching the deep edges of still-green weedbeds, in depths of 8-12 feet of water.

“Second, we set up a base of operations inside a Frabill thermal shelter. In addition to drilling holes inside the shelter, we drill another hole outside the shelter, and drop the Bio-Lume in this hole approximately 6 feet below the surface of the ice. Keeping Bio-Lume outside the fishing area eliminates the possibility of a hooked fish getting snagged on Bio-Lume’s cable.

“Then, we proceed to step three, turning Bio-Lume on for at least an hour before the sun tickles the treetops. While short term use of Bio-Lume certainly helps, having the system on longer, to really activate the local food web, can lead to some bucket-busting results!”

Already a quick hit with ice anglers, look for Bio-Lume to cast its fish-attracting luminescence across the country as winter turns slowly into spring.

Check your local fishing regulations to ensure that you can take advantage of Bio-Lume’s ability to stimulate your fishing area’s food web, and then be sure to add Bio-Lume to your fish-catching toolbox.

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