AQUA-VU: HD? It’s a Reality!

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Aqua-Vu goes underwater High-Def

Fishing optics company engineers first consumer-friendly HD digital fishing camera

Crosslake, Minn. (November 20, 2015)– Visualize grand and vibrant underwater vistas: The Great Barrier Reef in all its aquamarine glory; the awesome power of Victoria Falls and Niagara; the haunting depths of Blue Hole, Bahamas. Closer to your home waters, imagine viewing legions of largemouth bass, clouds of crappies, mighty pike on patrol—all in the stunning color and clarity of a big-screen theater experience.

Given our lack of gills and built-in scuba goggles, Aqua-Vu has been happy these past two decades to oblige anglers with exciting glimpses into the world beneath the surface. So it was that the bleeding-edge optics company made waves this week, releasing news of Multi-Vu HD, an advanced underwater viewing system equipped with high definition color optics, wide-field viewing and superior low-light performance.

Two year’s ago, in response to swift growth in sales of underwater cameras, Aqua-Vu began engineering an affordable HD viewing system expressly for anglers. Equipped with SONY® digital HD optics and a professional grade image sensor, the Multi-Vu HD Underwater Viewing Systemyields the clearest, most dynamic underwater video available. An ultra-wide field of view also assures anglers will see every underwater detail—from shiners and zooplankton to that big bass hiding in a brushpile.

“This truly is an HD viewing system designed for anglers,” says Thomas Maschhoff, Vice President of Aqua-Vu. “What separates Multi-Vu HD from all other HD cameras is its ease of use on the water. The size, weight, and hydrodynamics of the Aqua-Vu Fish Cam™ are elaborately engineered to provide stable viewing at any depth or current condition. There’s no need for extra hardware or accessories to get the clearest, best view of what’s happening below at all times.”

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In addition to exceptional daytime visibility, Aqua-Vu’s HD system is also specially equipped for enhanced night fishing or low light / low-clarity situations. An advanced image sensor provides a major boost in performance over existing cameras. In underwater tests, the new HD light sensor displayed dynamic color and clarity even in dark conditions, as well as excellent visibility for up to an extra half hour past twilight.

“This technology gives anglers fishing a night bite a clear picture of the action, even after other cameras lose their color and their picture,” says Maschhoff. “It’s a pretty dramatic difference, and one anglers will appreciate right away.”

A true high definition underwater viewing system, Multi-Vu HD includes an HD Fish Cam plus ballast weights and viewing fin, 100-feet of 200-pound test digital cable, and an Aqua-Vu Control Box with power connections and HDMI video-out terminal. A powerful, adjustable LED light system further illuminates dark or deep waters. Compatible with any TV, computer, sonar or other LCD display equipped with an HDMI input, Multi-Vu HD offers tremendous value for both ice and openwater anglers.

“Anglers are going to be blown away by the clarity and color of this digital HD camera,” adds Maschhoff. “Should make for an entertaining winter of fishing.”

Timed in concert with the upcoming ice fishing season, Multi-Vu HD (MSRP $399.99) is now available at retail— especially welcome news for anglers outfitting their wheeled ice shelters. For more information, visit, or stop by the Aqua-Vu booth or participating ice fishing house manufacturers during winter sport shows—the Hardwater Ice Fishing Expo, St. Paul Ice Fishing Show, and Milwaukee Ice Fishing Show.