CUSTOM JIGS & SPINS: Never Phoo-Phoo the Flu Flu

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Never Phoo-Phoo the Original Flu Flu

The Flu Flu jig is still every avid panfish angler’s fine feathered friend

Coralville, IA (June 15, 2015) – The fishing is slow. No, not the catching, but the technique needed to get bit. Through trial and error you’re figuring out the panfish are fancying light-weight jigs with large profiles that descend ever so slowly toward the lake’s floor. Anything that falls fast might be getting noticed, but the fish won’t bite it.

Throughout the morning you’re also coming to the conclusion that “large-silhouetted jigs” and “slow descending” don’t always go together like you thought. Every petite yet bulky-bodied jig you’ve tied on so far was adorned with a hefty head, which made them plunge faster than what the crappie, sunfish, ‘gills and perch were willing to chase down. And the soft-plastic bodies of some jigs were so dense that they only added to the rapid sink rate, as well.

What to use. What… to… use…

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At last you reach into your tackle tote and grab a Flu Flu— the old-school feather jig that’s been catching your eye for hours, yet, you’ve been snubbing. It’s not the newest, most innovative bait on today’s market. It’s not made from the latest space-age materials. It is, however, a lure that’s been trusted for decades; crafted from high-quality components since day one.

You make a cast. The feathers flare and then undulate underwater. The Flu Flu wavers leisurely through the water column. Through the tint of your polarized glasses you see that telltale white flash mere inches below the surface, indicating a fish has just opened its mouth, flared its gills and sucked it in.

And to think, you phoo-phoo’d the Flu Flu all that time when you instead could have been filling your livewell with fish. You promise yourself that won’t happen again.

“We purchased the original Flu Flu back in the mid 70’s,” says Bob Gillespie, proprietor of Custom Jigs & Spins. “It was a well established jig back then, found in the every tackle box of every avid angler. And still, these days, it’s the brand of feathered jig respected by passionate panfish and trout fishermen.”

Today, the ever-famous Flu Flu still comes in the three must-have sizes (1/64 ounce on a #-10 gold Aberdeen hook, 1/32 ounce on a # 8 and a 1/16-ouncer with a # 6), as well as 14 classic color combinations to cover every kind of water clarity. Also in the lineup are Flu Flus withluminescent heads in 10 different colors of feathered bodies, 10 with glow-red heads and five new Flu Flu Glitter Jigs tied with sparkling tinsel tied in for added flash. These later three all sport red, sticky-sharp Aberdeen hooks, and all Flu Flus are painstakingly hand-tied with premium feathers. Suggested retail is only $1.10 per jig.

Next time you’re out, don’t overlook the obvious – you know, the tried-and-true baits your grandfather used. Tie on a Flu Flu and find out yourself. There’s a reason they have been a staple in tackle boxes all these years.

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