HUMMINBIRD: Becoming a Sonar Black Belt

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How to Become A Black Belt In Fishing Electronics

Fast track to mastery of Humminbird® ONIX® family’s amazing fish-finding power

Eufaula, AL (November 17, 2015) – Since 2014, when Humminbird® ONIX® won “Best of Electronics” at ICAST, pros, guides and discerning anglers the world over have turned to ONIX for an edge on the water.

Right out of the box, ONIX offers an unparalleled host of features and technologies never seen before in sonar/GPS combos, including the addition of industry-first proprietary Humminbird® LakeMaster™ technologies like AutoChart™ Live and SmartStrike™, which make real-time user-generated high-definition mapping and predictive fish patterning possible within the ONIX unit itself, no PC or upload to a server or cloud required.

Combine that with winning technologies like HD Side Imaging™, 360 Imaging™, HD Down Imaging™, DualBeam™ PLUS with SwitchFire™, Precision GPS, built-in TriFuel™ cartography, 1024 x 768V screen resolution, and ethernet additions like RADAR, NMEA 2000 and L-M-H frequency CHIRP, and anglers have never had so much fish-finding power at their fingertips.

And while ONIX is intuitive to use, most anglers only scratch the surface of ONIX’s nearly limitless power. That being said, here’s some great news for all of us who wished we had more time on the water to master our fishing electronics and catch more fish.

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‘Comprehensive ONIX’ Training DVD Now Available

Humminbird’s most feature-packed fish finders now have an equally powerful instructional tool, designed to accelerate ONIX users along the electronics learning curve. With the recent release of“The Technological Angler, Volume 3: Comprehensive ONIX” on DVD and digital video, ONIX users can tap the experience and award-winning teaching expertise of Humminbird guru Dr. Jason Halfen, who leads ONIX owners on the path to fishing electronics mastery.

“The Technological Angler, Volume 3: Comprehensive ONIX” provides a detailed Humminbird ONIX training experience, and serves as must-watch video training for new ONIX owners and experienced ONIX users.

The 75 minutes of instructional content is divided between the setup that a user would often perform while off the water, and the fine-tuning that accompanies ONIX use while on the water. Dr. Halfen explains: “The setup portion of Comprehensive ONIX is designed around the Home Screen, which serves as the command center for all ONIX features and functions. ONIX offers an incredible array of user-customized functions, and we demonstrate how to access all of these functions from the Home Screen and adjust them to suit individual user needs and preferences.”

Of course, even perfect pre-trip preparation requires fine-tuning once the boat is launched and lures are cast into inky-dark waters. The second portion of “The Technological Angler, Volume 3: Comprehensive ONIX”, provides detailed on-the-water training in the operation of each ONIX fish-finding technology. Dr. Halfen explains: “The on-the-water portion of Comprehensive ONIX takes the user on a detailed tour of the Side Imaging, Down Imaging, 2D SONAR, GPS/cartography, waypoint management, and AutoChart Live features of the ONIX system.  These are the key features and functions that ONIX owners use to find and catch fish, and we demonstrate how each of these is used, adjusted, and optimized.”

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“The Technological Angler, Volume 3: Comprehensive ONIX” is the most recent instructional video release from tournament angler, guide, and angling communicator Dr. Jason Halfen. “Comprehensive ONIX” follows on the heels of the AGLOW Best-in-Television-award winning “Success with Side Imaging” and the detailed follow-up video, “Integrated Technology”.

To provide users with a path to bring their electronics training to the boat, The Technological Angler also produces unique, water-friendly Quick Reference Cards for all Humminbird fish finders. For the Humminbird owner who wants a more extensive training experience, Dr. Halfen also conducts full-day sonar training workshops across the country. The entire collection of Technological Angler training tools and workshops for Humminbird fish finders are available at

You’ve invested in ONIX, Humminbird’s most powerful, feature-packed fish finder. Now unleash the power of ONIX with “Comprehensive ONIX” on DVD or digital video, available exclusively from The Technological Angler. Let the learning begin!

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