HUMMINBIRD: ONIX Goes Bluetooth(R)

Humminbird® Releases Wireless Bluetooth® Remote for ONIX Series

EUFAULA, AL (May 26, 2015) – At Humminbird, innovation never takes a break. Like any serious angler, we’re never satisfied and continually working on ways to improve fishing. Now available for ONIX series is our Bluetooth remote allowing anglers to mark waypoints, adjust zoom levels, sensitivity, custom views and more on the fly.

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Everything’s visible and controllable from anywhere on the boat, so you don’t have to stop fishing to control your Humminbird.

Bluetooth® Remote

Take wireless control of your Humminbird. Our all-new remote lets you mark waypoints on the fly, zoom in and out, adjust sonar sensitivity and toggle through your favorite custom views.

Each key has a short press and long press function, enabling you to customize the remote’s capabilities to reflect your fishing style. For instance, a long press of the Mark button can be programmed to power your unit on or off, deploy your 360 Imaging transducer or even create an i-Pilot Link Spot-Lock.

Wireless Dongle

The remote comes standard with this wireless dongle. The dongle plugs into the back of your fish finder to receive the remote’s signal. Control from anywhere in your boat.

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