HUMMINBIRD: Unboxed & Unbelievable

Humminbird® HELIX™ 7: Unboxed & Unbelievable

 A closer look at the new HELIX™ 7 and the brightest 7-inch fishfinder screen yet

EUFAULA, AL. (July 10, 2015) In a few days the new Humminbird® HELIX™ 7 will officially launch at ICAST 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

As Humminbird’s product experts demo the unit at booth #844, folks back at factory in Eufaula, Alabama, USA, will be building, testing and packaging HELIX 7 for shipping to retail locations – and frothing anglers –  across the country!

Since the product’s unofficial unveiling last week, Humminbird has been inundated with phone calls, e-mails and social media messages.

Everybody wants to know: When is HELIX 7 shipping?

Answer: Soon … very soon.

Next question: What comes in the box?

Answer: Everything you need to be on the water lickety-split, as Humminbird’s Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski demonstrates in the official “unboxing” video below!

The buzz around the HELIX 7 has been incredibly positive … and for good reason.

Historically, one of the biggest problems with fishfinders has been screen brightness and definition. You can have all the bells and whistles in the world but none of them matter if you can’t read the screen in sunlight!

Solving that problem, the HELIX 7 features a jaw-dropping 480×800 HD resolution and 1500 nit brightness (extremely bright) glass-bonded display to deliver a clear and precise picture of fish and fish-holding structure. In layman’s terms, a glare-free screen that is 50% brighter than previous models! Plus, the ultra-wide 16:9 ratio screen gives anglers ample room for split-screen views, making fishing and navigating even easier.

In this video, Humminbird senior product manager John Luther explains the company’s mission with the HELIX 7 project – how ‘Bird engineers rolled up their sleeves, brainstormed and brought to reality the perfect combination of size, pro features, on-the-water reliability, and value.

Additionally, the HELIX 7 Series is incredibly fast, with two times the D-RAM of the 600 Series, which means faster map loading and screen refreshes to get you fishing faster! Turn the unit on … Bam! There’s the map! Let’s fish!


The HELIX 7 Series currently comprises six models to meet the individual needs of anglers and boaters. All units feature X-Press Menu System keypad control, 480Vx800H x 7-inch 256-color TFT display, and allows for gimbal mounting, or in-dash mounting with optional kit. International models support 200/50kHz. Optional 50 kHz transducers are available for extreme deep-water use.

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