LUND BOATS: Bass Boat Re-Imagined

The Bass Boat Re-Imagined

Lund Pro-V Bass boat reveals innovative engineering and remarkable performance

New York Mills, MN (December 11, 2015) – Eclipsing tournament wins by Lund luminaries Al and James Lindner and Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson, the legendary boat builder recently unveiled a radical new 1875 Pro-V Bass boat during its August dealer meeting – a progressive boat blueprint that sets out to redefine the concept of the modern day bass and musky fishing vessel.

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Designed and destined to tame waves from Lake Erie all the way to Florida’s Okeechobee, the Pro-V Bass reflects far-reaching research, development and pro-angler input. Infused with exceptional engineering, the original Pro-V Bass is built on Lund’s benchmark IPS2 aluminum hull. This superior framework features a flat center pad, multiple lift strakes and two reverse chines. The result is lightning quick hole-shot and a fast, stable, drier ride.

“Wow, this boat’s incredible,” exclaimed Gussy, still buzzing from his initial test ride. “I can’t believe how fast it gets up on plane—like a rifleshot. Tons of extras, too—this rig’s full of surprises. This boat is just an awesome fishable platform perfect for bass or musky.”

When the adrenaline of the ride finally mellowed, Gussy got down to brass tacks. “Lund has engineered an amazingly fishable, functional bass boat combined with the best aluminum V-hull in the industry. This is the perfect rig bass or musky anglers have been waiting for—perfect for comfortably running small water, skinny water or big waves, Sam Rayburn to the Great Lakes.”

“Both bass and musky anglers are going to embrace this boat.”

Musky in particular, is a species near and dear to James Lindner, who not surprisingly, also happens to be one of the best bass anglers in the north. “What’s remarkable about the Pro-V Bass is its incredible responsiveness and short recovery time in waves. The ride of this boat is so smooth and stable—especially in big water—that it will literally be an incredible new experience for bass anglers more accustomed to fiberglass.”

Rated for up to a 200-HP outboard, the 1875 Pro-V Bass is quick to plane and has impressive top end speed.  With a lighter load, the 200-HP Optimax easily hit speeds in excess of 60-mph, yet travels over rough seas with a remarkably soft ride. “I don’t know how guys fishing big fiberglass bass boats can do it,” adds Lindner. “Spearing big waves when the water’s cold isn’t much fun. It’s a huge reason I love the IPS2 hull; not sure it’s even possible to spear a wave with this light, speedy hull. Staying dry and safe is always a good thing, regardless of season, and this boat makes sure you do.”

This boat comes in two distinct seating configurations—the classic bench-seating or the multi-species pedestal seating version—giving anglers versatile fishing platforms, based on personal preference. The bench-seating version includes recessed bench-seating and also features a patent pending extraordinary gas-assist tackle storage that literally rises vertically out of the back deck for unprecedented tackle access.

Similar in fishability and function, the pedestal seating layout includes two swivel cockpit seats plus two additional “jump” seats, which flip up and instantly fold back down into the rear casting deck, providing ample seating for up to four anglers.

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Each boat has an in-deck 3-tier center rod locker, with individual tubes for five 9-foot rods, five rods up to 8’ 8” and five more to 8’ 4”. A built-in bump stick mount lies just to the left of the rod locker for taking snap measurements. Meanwhile, on the deck, four stowing rubberized rod tie-downs keep critical combos within easy reach.

Tackle and gear storage is immense and intelligently engineered. The massive bow casting deck has four cavernous storage compartments, each built with Lund’s new patent pending Advanced Water Control deck system. Storage hatches are fully sealed, while any excess water is channeled down and away from the compartment itself, so tackle and gear stays drier. As noted, the bench seat version also includes a patent pending shock-assist pop-up tackle compartment under the rear casting deck, which accommodates nine additional 3700 size boxes. Sixteen more 3700s fit snuggly beneath the bench seat.

A longtime leader in livewell design, Lund has amped up its patented Prolong System with a 28-gallon, 36-inch livewell. “Everyone knows Lund’s livewells are the best in the industry,” said Lindner. “In tournaments, my bass are always kicking at the weigh-in. And the Pro-V Bass has even added a pump-out feature, so I can empty and refill the ‘well with fresh water whenever necessary.”

Further to fishing features, the Pro-V Bass is available in a 24- or 36-volt battery configuration. A removable port console adds precious interior real estate, while a rear ski-pylon offers versatility for family watersport use. On the bow, a recessed, in-floor trolling motor foot-pedal slot allows for direct wiring or connection via plug-in. Recessed sonar mounts accommodate giant 12-inch screens, both on the bow and in the console.

“Seems like everyone’s asking about it,” adds Gussy.  “All I can say is, Lund’s done it again—made a true bass and musky fishing machine that will also allow me to guide walleyes on Lake of the Woods . . . on my days off from the tournament trail, that is.”

Maxed in quality, features and performance, the 1875 Pro-V Bass is set out to redefine the bass and musky fishing boat world.  For more information on the new 1875 Pro-V Bass, or to shop Lund’s full selection of fishing boats, visit

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