NEW GEAR: Fishing with Physical Limitations

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The M-POW-R REEL®, now paired with the innovative and versatile M-POW-R Harness, gives anglers with physical limitations even more angling options

Brainerd, MN (June 16, 2015) – Through years of research and development and advice from such angling luminaries as Al Lindner, Dan Sura, Dave Csanda and Jeff Zernov, as well as input from anglers with physical limitations, was born the M-POW-R REEL®.

The M-POW-R REEL is an ingenious, motorized spinning reel which enables physically-challenged (especially one-handed) anglers to rediscover the joy of fishing. Powerful and versatile, the reel is designed to fit virtually any spinning rod, ice rod or fly rod, thanks to an innovative new M-POW-R Harness developed specifically for the reel.

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The new product package includes the M-POW-R spinning reel, M-POW-R Harness, 4 amp battery, battery charger, fanny pack, and a pulse width modulated speed control, which provides optimum torque throughout the motor’s power band. Anglers operate the reel with a thumb-actuated button attached to the rod (via the M-POW-R Harness). A spare spool, backup reel handle and a power point adapter plug are also included. This product package will complement the original M-POW-R REEL® and Rod Combo.

Initiated by Dr. Roland “Doc” Kehr, former co-owner of the Lindy Little Joe Tackle Company, the M-POW-R reel was developed for Doc’s son Nathan, who has cerebral palsy and is unable to use his left arm and hand.

“We’re very excited about sharing this new technology with other disabled anglers,” said Dr. Kehr. “It’s enabled my son Nathan to fully experience the thrill of fighting and landing more and bigger fish, and we’re confident it will empower many more people facing physical challenges to truly appreciate and enjoy this great sport.”

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Another angler to discover the versatility of the M-POW-R reel and new harness is John Vandercook, a passionate and discerning angler who lost his left arm in a motorcycle accident.

“I can do anything any other angler can do, it just takes me longer,” said Vandercook. “But the M-POW-R reel and harness now allows me to retrieve the bait or fight a fish without pressing the reel handle against my ribs to reel. For years I’ve focused on jig fishing and trolling, but the M-POW-R now makes it possible for me to fish bass, trout, whatever … on the retrieve. As soon as that bait hits the water it’s one push of the button and that bait is moving. In my experience, that’s what gets strikes.”

Although he’s a fan of the 6’ 6” medium-action graphite M-POW-R rod, he champions the versatility the new harness affords, which allows him use of the M-POW-R reel on any rod he chooses, typically a St. Croix AVID or Legend Elite.

“Depending on what, where and how I’m fishing, I may want to use a longer, shorter, or heavier or lighter action rod. As we know, not every rod is perfect for every situation. The new M-POW-R allows me the flexibility and advantages of the M-POW-R reel no matter what.”

In addition to the new M-POW-R Reel® and Harness fishing package, the company will continue to sell the original M-POW-R Reel® and Rod combo fishing package, which includes a two-piece medium action graphite rod to complement the reel and harness.

Visit the company website: to see all of the accessories included in both fishing packages.

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