PLANO: New Marine Trunks



Plano, IL (May 27, 2015) – Seems like no matter how big your boat, there’s never enough storage. In fact, the bigger the boat, the more essentials you need for a day on the water. From PFDs to extra clothing, rain gear, species and technique specific gear and tackle, emergency and tool kits, fenders, you name it, sometimes it feels like we need a boat to tow behind the boat – one for fishing and one for gear.

Thank goodness for Plano’s® Marine Trunks, new for 2015.

Model 191960 (108 Quart) shown
Model 191960 (108 Quart) shown

Available in three introductory sizes – 56-Quart Model 161, 68-Quart Model 171 and super-sized108-Quart Model 191 – boaters and anglers now have the perfect storage solution. As the grumpy fishing captain’s cliché goes, “A clean boat is a happy boat.”

161960 – 56 Quart Marine Box

24.00” x 15.00” x 13.00”

171960 – 68 Quart Marine Box

30.00” x 14.25” x 12.75”

191960 – 108 Quart Marine Box

37.75” x 14” x 18.25”

For starters, Plano Marine Trunks are marine gray and blue to complement any fresh or saltwater vessel. Whether you run a bass boat, pontoon, center console bay boat, multi-species rig or something bigger, they become part of the boat – no square peg in a round hole.

Plus, the Marine Trunks have been painstakingly designed to take a beating from the water, salt and sun – even your bull in a china shop buddy who breaks everything. Nope, not your Plano Marine Trunk. These babies are made to withstand the rigors of real-world use like sucker punches from rough seas, off-road transport and shoves from dock onto deck.

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All sizes feature an O-ring seal to ensure contents stay dry and out of the elements. Outside, these tough trunks are treated with a UV protective coating that resists fading, heat damage and ensures durability for years of use and abuse. Up top, the removable lid is reinforced, which means no stress cracking or fatigue.

Go ahead and stack ‘em high. The molded-groove lid is designed for it. Finally, Plano Marine Trunks also feature sturdy, removable and easy to open/close buckles and molded ports that make securing your trunks easy with standard tie-down straps and padlocks.

Do yourself and the grumpy fishing captain inside you a favor. Get organized and keep your boat in ship-shape with a stack of Plano Marine Trunks. Less hassle and mess means more time with your lines in the water—and more fish in the boat.

Model 161960 (56 Quart) shown
Model 161960 (56 Quart) shown