Boating App Tip #3 – How to customize your map!

unnamed-414Maps that can be customized and layered with information are invaluable on the water, just as they are on the road! The Navionics Boating App hosts a rich set of features enabling a customizable chart display to benefit any type of boater!

Utilize basic Map Options by tapping Menu>Map Options to choose a map overlay such as Satellite or Terrain, turn Easy View “ON” to magnify icons and text, and slide the Depth Shading tool to highlight depths to a select value. If you’re in an area where water fluctuates due to droughts or floods, you can adjust your Water Level by entering the drop or rise amount so the map will alter the contours and spot soundings.

With an active Navionics+ subscription, you gain access to Advanced Map Options for even more tools to control your map display:

  • Turn Fishing Mode “ON” to engage the Fishing Range tool, perfect for anglers who want to target depths in order to catch a certain fish species. Simply enter the minimum and maximum desired depth or use the slider and the map will highlight the range for you.
  • Highlight Shallow Areas using the slider so you can stay clear of those areas that are below a selected depth.
  • Use the Depth Contours slider to customize the amount of bathymetry you want to see.

If you don’t have our app yet, download it for FREE on iTunes or Google Play. You will enjoy a two-week free trial of Navionics+ with access to the most detailed charts and amazing advanced features!