CUSTOM JIGS & SPINS: Ultimate One-Two Punch


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Ice Fishing Fast with Finesse —The Ultimate One-Two Punch

Custom Jigs & Spins Pro Finesse Drop Chain amplifies nearly any ice lure

Coralville, IA (September 26, 2016) – Every action, they say, yields its own consequence. The best things in life, and all that, are not necessarily free. Take the tastiest foods: candy bars, bacon and Big Macs. Not so healthy for the heart. Vacations to Hawaii, Patagonia and New Zealand are the stuff of dreams, but tend to hit the checkbook rather hard. A lively night on the town is fun while it lasts, but might prove regrettable the morning after.

In ice fishing, a similar action-consequence scenario applies. Fishing inside a big shack keeps you cozy but limits your mobility and ability to stay on biting fish. Bare-knuckling it in the open air is fine for tying knots and detecting bites, but the choice can also distress your digits. Fishing a tiny jig is outstanding for big persnickety panfish, but it often fails miserably in deep water or for attracting fish from afar.

You get the picture.

Which is why rare exceptions to the good-bad adage can be so sweet when you discover them. It’s perhaps the perfect descriptor of Custom Jigs & Spins’ new Pro Finesse Drop Chain—an exceptional ice fishing trick that adds new heights of awesome to otherwise one-dimensional presentations. A simple yet refined contrivance, this sparkling, free-swinging lure enhancement solves a common ice fishing dilemma, truly a ‘best-of-all-worlds’ solution.

Imagine the efficiency and speed of power fishing coupled with the precision and efficacy of finesse. Such an unthinkable pairing becomes reality when you adorn your favorite spoon or swimming lure with a subtle, easy fluttering Pro Finesse Drop Chain.


“A Custom Jigs Drop Chain dangling below a Pro Finesse Slender Spoon is possibly the greatest hardwater perch lure of all time,” says Ty Macheledt, ice fishing guide and Custom Jigs & Spins savant. “Drop most spoons into water deeper than 10 feet and you’ve got a good chance of attracting and triggering the active fish. But what about the neutral and negative ones? That’s where the Drop Chain trick kicks tail.”

Even better than a classic case of bait-and-switch, vitalizing any spoon or swimming lure with a Pro Finesse Drop Chain coalesces ultimate attraction with prime bite-inducing qualities—all in the same lure.

“This combo is a panfish-catching machine, really amazing on ice or in open water,” interjects Macheledt. “Drop down fast with the spoon and then lean on the subtle, flashing chain and jewel-beaded treble hook to close the deal. Thing practically hypnotizes fish,” he laughs.


Constructed with an easy-snap lure clip, the Pro Finesse Drop Chain employs an inch-long strand of ultrafine silver chain linked to a tiny split ring and a #10 or a #14 treble hook. Each short-shank, round bend treble is sticky sharp and adorned with a vibrant “jewel” attractor—a glow or fluorescent bead gilded with a luminous crystal attractor. Attractor beads in Red Glow, Hot Orange, Red/Chartreuse and Glow Brite can be instantly mixed or matched to the situation. Chains are sold in handy 4-packs.

“Tipping the Drop Chain’s treble hook with larvae or a small minnow head can yield a subtle and slow fluttering pendulum action that can be key for getting bites from selective fish,” adds Macheledt. “The beauty of this spoon or swimming lure and Drop Chain combo is that it’s so versatile. You can dance it in place, attracting fish with the flash of the spoon, while the chain waves and flickers below.

“You can jig aggressively, followed by several second pauses. Even when you do this, the chain continues dancing ever so subtly, so it’s always working for you.

“At times, tightlining the lure on bottom is a great maneuver. You’d be amazed at how often super-selective perch, bluegills and even walleyes feed on stuff on the bottom. Just give the lure tiny little twitches while it sits on bottom. Causes the chain to undulate and create little puffs of silt down there. Because the Drop Chain is nearly weightless and neutrally buoyant, it’s easy for fish to inhale the hook without feeling even a hint of resistance.

“You can put a serious smackdown on perch doing this, and you’ll often out-fish your buds 10 to 1. Reason enough, right there.”

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