FISHING NEWS: Purple Reigns

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Purple Reign
Keweenaw Tackle company follows Mother Nature’s cue; adds the potency of purple

Traverse City, MI (June 17, 2016) – Fish come in all colors, whether predator or prey. But no matter the shade of their skin, there’s a common hue that always shines through; whether they live
in freshwater or salt. It’s a pigment radiating off their every inch. Top, side and belly; fins, snout and tail.

The color that reigns? Purple. You got it: The simple yet eye-catching mix of red and blue. It’s a natural pigment that predator fish to home in on; even more so in clear water.

And for this reason Fin-Wing is introducing two new shades to their already vibrant family: Purple Leopard and Purple Goblin – both giving off the natural florid blaze Mother Nature intended. And they’re decorated with translucent paint, with a rich, ultra-violet overcoat; just like the baitfish they imitate.

Purple Leopard (l), Purple Goblin (r)
Purple Leopard (l), Purple Goblin (r)

Purple Leopard’s bling is a translucent purple undertone with vivacious yellow and black spots, and an authentic silver-plated back for enhanced reflectivity. Purple Goblin, on the other hand, is completely enveloped with a light, translucent purple body and dark purple tips on its front wings with center stripe for the full sheen effect.

Like the entire Fin-Wing clan, the new purple hues are cast on high-grade metal and stamped into a shape like no other lure made. The unique profile causes the Fin-Wing to remain in the strike zone without diving and snagging up. Just cast and let it settle to the desired depth, then retrieve it at a steady pace.

Stop reeling, and it will turn nose down and become “the lure that swims”… Speed it up, and the Fin-Wing heads to the surface and you can walk the dog effortlessly. Just be prepared for amazing topwater attacks. And in areas where weeds are problematic, simply change out the premium treble hook with the super-sharp J-hook (included), and a weed-wrapped lure will be a thing of the past.

With these two added patterns there are now 17 colors to choose from, all painstakingly hand-painted; 12 with translucent fish-attracting hues for every degree of water clarity, and three new glow-in-the-dark patterns. All come in three sizes, 1/4, 3/4 and 1 ounce, to match every year-class of forage fish that swims.

Freshwater trout and salmon? This color’s a no-brainer. Clear-water bass, pike and ‘eyes? But of course. And don’t forget about the bluefish, mackerel, tarpon and redfish (just to name a few) that passionately feast on forage with that natural purple hue.


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