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Plano, IL (April 11, 2016) – The old saying warns that beauty can be skin deep. Sometimes, however, what’s inside can be just as glorious – or even more so – as the outside. Find this combination, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Such is the case with the new Plano A-Series Tackle Bag.

Its rugged good looks come courtesy of the same deep green, high-performance, proprietary polyester fabric, MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) tactical webbing and high-end componentry shared with other innovative bags in Plano’s premium new A-Series line. Beneath its attractive exterior, a parade of clever features combine for new levels of embodied utility, durability and performance that can only be credited to 63 years of tackle box and bag-building experience.

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At 15” long by 10.25” wide by 9.25” tall, the new A-Series Tackle Bag has what Plano engineers call “a manageable footprint.” You’ll call it perfect… not too big and not too small…. Right-sized for carrying up to five fully loaded Plano 3600 Utility Boxes (four included) inside its padded main compartment.

The key to the high-end A-Series Tackle Bag’s durability is its camera bag-inspired design, which uses a pair of reinforced straps and new stronger buckles in lieu of a zipper to close the main compartment lid.

“When some tackle bags are zippered shut, the zipper can become the weak point and eventually fail because it bears the entire weight of the bag when carried by the handle on top,” says Plano Brand Manager, Ryan Olander. “For the premium A-Series Tackle Bag, we eliminated that risk by creating a bag without a zipper… using improved buckles, instead, that allow the bag’s main compartment to be opened faster and more easily… even with cold or slime-covered hands.”

Plano innovation and capability resonate throughout the rest of the A-Series Tackle Bag, which offers anglers an interior lid storage system consisting of a large, zippered pocket and four smaller slip pockets in addition to an astonishing 12 exterior pockets to store, secure and access every angling essential.

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Two generously sized zippered pockets on each end of the bag are capped off with open slip pockets. Three additional zippered pockets gild the bag’s front—one slip pocket at the top near the opening to the inner compartment and two zippered face pockets finished with hardworking MOLLE webbing for securing additional small items to the bag’s exterior. The back of the bag has a large, mesh slip pocket that closes with a Velcro tab at the top.

Plano Model No. 413800 A-Series Tackle Bag

  • Holds five 3600 size StowAway Utility Boxes (Four are included)
  • Zipper-free main compartment for fast access and durability
  • Maximize storage efficiency with compact footprint and 12 exterior pockets
  • Durable proprietary polyester fabric in attractive, deep green with water-resistant lining
  • Interior includes lid organization featuring 4 small pockets plus one large zippered pocket
  • MOLLE tactical webbing on front for added utility
  • Exterior dimensions: 38.10cm x 26.04cm x 23.5cm

MSRP: $49.99

A is for access. Plano’s efficient new A-Series Tackle Bag provides anglers with big bag performance in a relatively compact, aesthetically striking package that makes retrieving and stowing tackle items easier and faster than ever.  It’s a staple in the company’s all-new A-Series tackle storage products family – a premium and distinctive line of innovative designs, each combining high-quality materials with clean and rugged aesthetics.

In addition to the Tackle Bag, Plano’s new A-Series includes two revolutionary QuickTop Tackle Bags, a Tackle Backpack and a Tackle Duffel, providing the discriminating angler with a comprehensive system for tackle storage and transportation. Learn more at

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