ST. CROIX ROD: Maximizing Your Musky Trolling

Maximizing Your Musky Trolling

New Mojo Musky Trolling rods: put a big hit on predator fish this fall

Park Falls, WI (September 26, 2017) – Cover water. Put baits in front of more fish. Trigger giants. These are the reasons we troll for muskies… Big baits, high speeds, short lines and the toughest of freshwater toothy critters place oversized demands on tackle, from leaders and line to reels and rods. The all new Mojo Musky Trolling series from St. Croix Rod answers the call, weaving decades of big-water, big-fish experience into rods that exquisitely blend musky trolling-specific features with legendary durability and craftsmanship.

Serious musky anglers incorporate trolling into their bag of tricks, for one simple reason: it just plain works! In some locales, musky trolling is a viable option all season long, especially on larger bodies of water where suspended fish are the target. These are the titans that hang in the main lake basin, snacking on fatty forage like tullibee and whitefish. In other musky haunts, fall is prime time for trolling, especially in the north country where cooling water temperatures drive small panfish from dying weedbeds into the mouths of hungry Esox.

Trolling specifics, including baits, speeds, and presentation refinements, are as diverse as the musky moods that anglers must learn to navigate. The business end of the trolling package can be anything from bucktails and spoons, to gargantuan hardbaits and swimbaits that would send other freshwater trolling targets, like salmon and walleyes, running for cover. Dedicated musky trollers will often pull these oversized offerings at up to 6 miles per hour, speeds that are more frequently associated with blue water targets like tuna and sailfish. All of this can occur on flat lines, with help from boards to spread a trolling pattern from side-to-side, or even on very short lines, right in the boat’s prop wash.

Lots of options, right? Well, one thing that all flavors of musky trolling have in common in that they place incredible stress on gear, especially the rod.

The all-new Mojo Musky Trolling rods are up to the task, conquering the rigors of musky trolling with the features, durability, and craftsmanship that anglers have come to expect from St. Croix Rod.

Anglers will find 5 different Mojo Musky Trolling rods in lengths ranging from seven to ten feet. The breadth of lengths allows musky trollers to set up a wide bait spread, even without boards, with long rods up front and shorter rods toward the stern, including the highly-effective prop wash presentation.

All rods feature heavy or extra-heavy power to handle the most monstrous muskies you’ll encounter, and moderate action to manage the strain of big baits pulled at high speeds, not to mention bone-jarring strikes. But there is more to the best musky trolling rods on earth than simply length, power and action. How about premium, trolling-specific features like:

  • A dynamic blend of carbon fiber and linear S-glass construction, coupling the power and stiffness of premium SCII graphite with the flexibility and durability of fiberglass
  • Sea-Guide line guides, crafted from stainless steel for durability under the rigors of trolling
  • Fuji DPS reel seats with no triggers, allowing for easier removal of the rod from a rod holder, especially when a fish is hooked
  • Offset ferrule design on nine- and ten-foot models, coupling one-piece performance with two-piece convenience
  • Premium-grade EVA handle
  • Kigan hook-keeper
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish
  • 5-Year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service

It’s time to put some mojo back into musky trolling with help from St. Croix Rod’s new family of Mojo Musky Trolling rods, available in November 2017 and retailing between $200-$240.