The Ultimate Ice Fishing Line

The Ultimate Ice Fishing Line

Seaguar AbrazX Ice: the crystal clear choice for the severities of hardwater angling

New York, NY (November 17, 2017) – Your bucket-list ice fishing trip is underway. A bait is sent down, and a thick red line appears on the sonar. Two quick jigs and the monster strikes, creating a terrifying bend in a short, stout rod. The behemoth runs, twirls, tumbles, and dives for the bottom. But, ultimately, she is drawn toward the frozen surface. One last valiant effort at the hole, and in an instant, elation is replaced with heartache…

That was your chance, and all you have to show for it is a frayed, broken line.

Hardwater anglers are faced with freshwater fishing’s greatest challenge. We’re not talking about finding fish, picking the right bait to tempt a fish whose metabolism has hit rock-bottom, or even battling mind-numbing cold or wind-driven snow. What stands between an intrepid ice angler and success is their line, or more specifically, nicks and abrasions that weaken their line and make it prone to failure. Any fish worth targeting through the ice will pull the angler’s line against the bottom of the hole, a uniquely hazardous edge that combines the sharpness of a scalpel with the roughness of a cheese grater.

How can any line remain intact in the face of such icy challenges?

The master linesmiths at Seaguar, the originators of fluorocarbon fishing line, have developed a unique solution that not only combats abrasion, but also addresses other ice fishing prerequisites. For example, Seaguar’s AbrazX Ice is a low-memory, micro-diameter line that resists the spin-inducing coils that create unnatural bait motions, ensuring that more fish land in the bucket. To that, AbrazX Ice is a soft, supple line that provides excellent knot and impact strength, even on the coldest of days.

But perhaps most importantly, AbrazX Ice boasts twice the abrasion resistance of any other fluorocarbon line on the market, making it the singular choice for the serious angler in pursuit of the hardwater walleye of a lifetime, or simply a meal of crappies for a mid-winter fish fry.

Seaguar’s AbrazX Ice makes all of the technical advantages of fluorocarbon line accessible to the modern ice angler. With an index of refraction that is nearly identical to that of water, AbrazX Ice is virtually invisible to fish. The water-repellent nature of fluorocarbon resin ensures that AbrazX Ice won’t absorb water, either, thus remaining soft and supple in below-freezing temperatures.

Unlike monofilament lines, AbrazX Ice is resistant to UV light, retaining all of its advantages even after many days of exposure to the bright, mid-winter sun. Finally, high-density, 100% fluorocarbon AbrazX Ice delivers tiny baits to depth more quickly than other line options, arriving before hungry mouths drift away into the inky blackness of a frozen lake.

Available in 50-yard filler spools in 2, 3, 6, and 10 lb tests, Seaguar’s AbrazX Ice is the perfect choice for filling the spool of your favorite ice reel, and makes a great leader on your tip-ups or tip-downs.

Drop your next bait through the hole in pursuit of perch, crappies, bass or walleyes with confidence, knowing that Seaguar AbrazX Ice is ready for the battles ahead. Double your abrasion resistance with AbrazX Ice: only from Seaguar, Always the Best!