FISH MONKEY: Bro’s Glove-Groove

How Bro Got His Glove-Groove Back

Fish Monkey’s advanced Tundra EX Gloves answer ice fishing’s toughest issues

Destin, FL (November 29, 2018) – In the wintery world of Rudolf and Santa, the Island of Misfit Toys is a sorry state of affairs, stacks and piles of un-played-with gizmos and discarded gadgets—reminders of what happens when products lack intelligent engineering, thorough testing or plain old passion driving design.

Somewhere in the land of endless Minnesota winters, fishing guide Brian “Bro” Brosdahl’s got his own piles of woe, unwanted ice fishing gear Bro calls the Mountain of Misfit Mittens. In over thirty years of hardcore hardwater fishing, the pile had grown to the point that something simply had to be done.

“It was finally time to walk away from all those so-called ice fishing gloves, cold turkey,” Bro conceded. “After wearing a pair of Fish Monkey’s Guide Gloves all summer and falling in love with their fit, hand-protection, and dexterity, I suspected their ice fishing gloves might be equally special.”

Fortuitously for Brosdahl and legions of other ice anglers, the fishing-centric glove company recently unveiled the Tundra EX—perhaps the most advanced, customized winter fishing glove ever tailored. Principal Fish Monkey Glove designer, angler and president Tim Mossberg highlights the features that set the Tundra EX apart from existing designs.

“The popularity of our other seasonal and situation-specific fishing gloves told us anglers would appreciate the same fit, protection and on-water function in a cold weather glove series. The Tundra EX is a medium-weight glove, the first in what will be a high-performance line of fishing gloves designed for specific wintertime conditions,” notes Mossberg, owner of the rapidly growing fishing glove company.

“To address the special needs of wintertime anglers, we incorporated several different textiles, strategically placed to keep hands and fingers warm and dry. Working from the outside in, we used a waterproof laminated membrane that is light, breathable and flexible all at the same time. For warmth without excess bulk, 260-gram Thinsulate™ / cotton insulation has been positioned in calculated locations around the fingers and hand to maintain comfort without detracting from natural movement. Inside, a soft polar-fleece lining wraps hands in comfort and wicks any moisture away.”

Next, addressing the specific tasks of ice anglers, Mossberg and his team dissected and then integrated a whole list of important add-ons. “After testing several palm materials, the Tundra EX was given a tactile PU Leather Monkey Palm Grip, helping the ice angler cling confidently to things like power auger and snowmobile handles, yet maintain enough feel to manipulate an ultralight ice rod.”

Realizing, too, that getting gloves on and off your hands fast had forever been an issue with other ice fishing designs, Mossberg’s team sewed oversized, extra durable glove-pulls onto the base of each cuff. The cuffs themselves were cut extra-long to trap in warmth, employing premium neoprene to hug wrists while maintaining circulation.

Pre-emptively solving two other frequent on-ice issues, Mossberg added a touchscreen compatible index fingertip. To stave off the sniffles of cold-weather nose-drip, a special wipe material was added around the outside of the entire thumb area.

Following recent on-ice exploits, Brosdahl gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up, but reserved final judgment for one final tryout. “For me, the true test of an ice fishing glove happens the first time you dunk your hand down the hole, groping for a big walleye, or to palm a nice bluegill,” said Brosdahl. “When your hand comes back warm and dry, you know you have a winner.”

This winter, step away from the Mountain of Misfit Mittens and grab a pair of Fish Monkeys instead. New for winter 2018-19, the Tundra EX Glove (MSRP $69.95) employs Fish Monkey’s “Cold Busting Technology,” wrapping your hands in total warmth, dryness and comfort, leaving you to take your winter fishing to the next level. Look for Fish Monkey’s full line of angler-centric hand wear at your local retailer or visit for more information.

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