LIVETARGET: New Colors in the Rainbow

Hot Custom Colors for an Ultra-Versatile Lure

LIVETARGET’s Rainbow Smelt adds five new patterns to its bite-triggering wardrobe

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (May 3, 2018) – Steeped in fish-catching prowess, the Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait from LIVETARGET is among the most versatile and effective lures offered by the industry’s recognized leader in anatomically precise, ultra-realistic artificial lures. Produced through a highly intellectualized design process, the profile and finishes of the Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait are designed to convince the wariest gamefish that our artificial offering is indeed, a Live Target. Nowhere else will you find a bait with such highly-detailed, three-dimensional fins, eyes, opercles and scales, with patterns, colors, transitions, and highlights that reflect Nature’s handiwork.

And now, just as prime trophy-targeting windows begin to open for the new fishing season, LIVETARGET has revealed a spectrum of five new custom patterns, available exclusively at select tackle retailers across Canada.

Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait – Silver/Orange (221)

One demand of successful salmon, trout, pike and walleye anglers is a lure with a splash of bright color on the belly, to increase visual attraction during low light or turbid water conditions. The LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt library now includes three different options for trolling or casting applications under these conditions: Gold/Orange (220), Silver/Orange (221) and Blue/Chartreuse (223).

The Gold/Orange pattern has rapidly become a proven producer in tannic-stained waters, while Silver/Orange is highly effective in dispersing visual flash in turbid rivers and lakes. The more subdued Blue/Chartreuse pattern is an excellent all-around choice when weather conditions or extreme fishing pressure make your target fish skittish or wary.

Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait – Gold/Orange (220)

The LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait’s new Gold/Purple pattern (224) is a perfect addition to the family, targeting the Walleye trolling and casting market.  To accompany the natural baitfish profile, the addition of the high-contrast purple-to-gold color is an unbeatable combination for the walleye angler looking for that extra edge on the water.

Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait – Gold/Purple (224)

Sometimes, smooth and subtle is the answer, and the new custom Pearl pattern (222) for the LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait fills the demand for an ultra-natural look, without too much flash. The Pearl pattern is clearly visible in the water, but has a subtle, natural look that makes it a multi-species workhorse.

Great looks, augmented by these five new custom patterns are just the beginning of the Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait story. Its tight shimmering action on the retrieve recalls the movements of a living rainbow smelt, widely dispersing visual flash to attract predators over long distances. The Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait is a highly effective trolling bait, fooling trout, salmon, pike and walleyes in the north and sumo stripers and largemouth bass in the south. LIVETARGET’s ultra-versatile Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait doesn’t just belong in your tackle collection, it is the one lure that has earned its place on the end of your line, all of the time.

Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait – Blue/Chartreuse (223)

The LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait custom color patterns are available now at select tackle retailers across Canada. You’ll find them in both shallow and deep-diving models, in three sizes ranging from 2 ¾” to 4 ½” that access depths of 3-9 ft on the retrieve. When added to our original library of three colors, Silver/Blue, Silver/Black, and Gold/Black, these custom colors ensure that you’ll find the perfect LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait for your local water conditions and predator fish of choice.

Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait – Pearl (222)

At LIVETARGET, our connection and commitment to the primal spirit of competition drives us to design and craft lures that give anglers a distinct advantage. These five custom Rainbow Smelt patterns will make it easier for multispecies anglers to pick the perfect color combination to catch more fish, helping you to compete and win, whenever and wherever you fish. Visit us today at to shop and learn about LIVETARGET lures and The Nature of Competition.

Visit us today to shop and learn about LIVETARGET lures and The Nature of Competition.