Solid Carbon and Solid Glass Models Arm Panfish and Walleye Anglers

Solid Carbon and Solid Glass Models Arm Panfish and Walleye Anglers

Croix Custom Ice (CCI) rods deliver exclusive ice fishing experience

Park Falls, WI (October 2, 2018) – Ultra-refined instruments provide an almost supernatural ability to hear, sense and detect things otherwise impossible for humans. Antennae perceive subtle electromagnetic pulses. Stethoscopes listen for the slightest acoustical arrhythmia.
Other forms of finely tuned ‘listening instruments’ occur in St. Croix’s ice fishing rod line-up, most notably in the new Croix Custom Ice (CCI) rod series.

Two new elite-grade ice instruments utilize advanced solid carbon blanks to deliver a superior ice fishing experience. A 20-inch solid carbon “Sight-Bite” rod (CI20LXF) has been cultivated for the cat-and-mouse game with choosy panfish. Devised to fish an array of dialed-down panfish presentations, St. Croix’s 24-inch “Pan Finesse” rod (CI24LXF) hefts like a feather and twinges with the faintest bites.

Model CI20LXF (Sight-Bite)

Model CI24LXF (Pan Finesse)

Model CI28LXF (Micro Spoon)

Model CI28MLXF (Tungsten Tamer)

“Sight fishing for big bluegills and crappies requires a very specific tool,” says professional guide Tony Roach, an exceptional ice angler who keeps his best panfish spots tight to his vest. “You might need to drop a virtually weightless, micro presentation on their snouts. I mean, panfish can demand some crazy, tricky maneuvers to get them to go. This rod gives up the goods; virtually defines frozen water finesse. Takes sensitivity to extremes. Has this precise, fast tip. Fits perfectly in your hand. Heck, almost fits in your pocket.”

Identified for its talents precisely presenting tiny ice jigs, spoons and panfish plastics, St. Croix’s solid carbon blanks are the gold-standard in premium ice-panfish rods. The materials used in each rod blank are engineered for the exacting demands of specific fishing styles, while being fully concerned with balance, sensitivity, strength and minimizing overall weight. Both advanced solid carbon Croix Custom Ice rods feature a light power and extra-fast action.

Similarly distinguished for specific ice fishing applications, St. Croix’s Solid Glass blanks provide perfect tapers for fishing jigs and spoons for large panfish, as well as walleyes. Sensitive, durable and appropriately powerful solid glass blanks form the foundation of two 28-inch Croix Custom Ice rods, each a great multi-species selection when fishing in a shelter.

“The light power, extra-fast action CI28LXF is a maestro at presenting downsized spoons for big perch, crappies or walleyes. We call it the “Micro Spoon” rod for good reason: it’s been custom-built to pair up with your favorite little ice spoons.”

Filling another underserved—and increasingly important—niche in ice, St. Croix offers a new Custom Ice rod they’ve named “Tungsten Tamer.” Sporting a medium-light power, extra-fast action, the solid glass CI28MLXF fits and fishes heavy-for-its size tungsten with ease. The rod’s precision-taper and extra-fast tip amplifies jig action, transmitting light bites with equal efficiency.

“It’s great to finally have a rod in my arsenal that’s been custom designed to fish tungsten,” exclaims Roach. “St. Croix’s led the trend toward situation and technique specific rods for bass and other species, so it’s logical to apply the same thinking and engineering to ice rods.”

“What’s awesome about St. Croix’s new CCI series, and these solid carbon and solid glass rods, is they truly fish with the unmistakable feel of a high-end custom rod. You get that same high-level fishing experience, without waiting for weeks or months for your custom rod to finally be finished.”

Key features of the Croix Custom Ice rods include:

  • Proprietary blank technology built into each model for extreme performance.
  • Solid Carbon (SC material)
  • Solid Glass (SG material)
  • REC® Recoil® guides with black pearl finish.
  • Split-grip/super-grade cork handle.
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish.
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.
  • Technique-specific ice series features unrivaled technology and performance.
  • SC & SG models are designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A. (with domestic and foreign materials).
  • TC, TCG & TCFG models are designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, USA.

Croix Custom Ice rods will be available through established St. Croix retailers in September 2018 at a retail price of $130-$160. Learn more at