Z-Man: The Science and Art of Fishing

The Science and Art of Fishing® Goes Viral

Z-Man Fishing Enlists Communications Pros Traditions Media

Ladson, SC (January 15, 2018) – There’s something elusive and simultaneously irresistible about a truly original thing. It draws you toward the unknown, and toward the possibility that mind-blowing things are about to happen.

Within the mega-competitive realm of fishing tackle, Z-Man Fishing has always approached things from a different point of view: A softbait with nearly extra-terrestrial properties; a vibrating, flashing, wobbling lure that isn’t exactly a jig or a spinnerbait; an ultra-subtle presentation that’s rewritten the rules of finesse bass fishing altogether.

Etching a parallel path within the sphere of angling communications, Traditions Media has gained a reputation for articulating cutting-edge fishing concepts through stirring words and imagery. Recently, the unconventional organizations joined forces, bringing two unique voices into harmony. The aim: To convey with wisdom and passion the wealth of fish-catching stories inherent in Z-Man’s inimitable league of lures.

“What really sets Z-Man apart from the sea of other fishing companies are the unique properties of our lures and materials themselves,” says Daniel Nussbaum, President of Z-Man Fishing. “From the proprietary 10X Tough ElaZtech® material used to make our softbaits to the patented design of our ChatterBait® bladed jigs, all our lures offer something distinctly different from the competition— and that translates to superior performance on the water.”

Given the meteoric ascension of the Ned Rig, for one, it’s easy to understand the buzz surrounding the Z-Man brand. “We are one-hundred percent convinced that our ElaZtech softbait formula is the material of the future,” Nussbaum asserts. “The shift toward ElaZtech is analogous to the rise of superbraid fishing lines. As anglers learned to adjust to different knots and to match line with select rods, spectacular new fishing tactics emerged.”

Traditions Media president Noel Vick fortifies Nussbaum’s notions. “Z-Man has exhibited impressive growth in recent years. The time has come to share their story — the trailblazing Z-Man way — with the greater angling public. How many anglers know, for instance, the superior fish-catching advantages of a naturally buoyant softbait? Or that ElaZtech is 100-percent non-toxic?”

“I’ve closely watched for the last five years how Traditions Media conveys the stories behind fishing products and brands to the angling community, most importantly the media and the trade,” adds Nussbaum.

“Taking a step back and looking objectively at our product line, there are simply so many stories behind our recent lure and terminal tackle introductions that haven’t been told. Our talent pool runs deep, too, from touring bass pros and inshore saltwater guides who use our products daily to marine biologists and materials scientists bringing a different expert perspective to the table. Telling these stories will immediately allow anglers to realize the benefits of our products; there is no one better equipped to do this than Traditions Media.”

“We can’t wait to start divulging all the new Z-Man intel, really blow anglers’ minds with possibilities,” says Vick. “That’s the strength of our team. Partnering with imaginative companies like Z-Man makes what we do fun; it’s why we’re all here — to plant the seeds of possibility in the minds of outdoors folks for the betterment of the whole industry.”