LIVETARGET: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

LIVETARGET Rocks the Mullet

Unique topwater lure is all business in the front, party in the back


Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (January 8, 2018) – Question: What do ‘80s-era rock ‘n’ rollers and saltwater predators have in common?

Answer: They both love the mullet.

Of course, the former is a dated hair style, and the latter is a gaggle of species that dine on mullet.


Commotion Mullet Hollow Body (Natural/Black) 721


Enter LIVETARGET’s innovative new mullet emulator, the Commotion Mullet Hollow Body, and you’ll see more commonality. Indeed, both are “all business in the front, party in the back.” With the retro hairdo, we’re talking short in the front and on the sides and long in the back. With LIVETARGET’s revolutionary new topwater commotion bait, it’s the “business” of anatomical hyper-realism in the front section and a party of splashing rock ‘n’ roll racket in the back, produced by a custom spinner blade tail.

Building upon their heritage in crafting the most realistic lures available, and their dominance in the arena of hollow body topwater research and development, the artisans at LIVETARGET unveil an entirely new topwater lure design, one that’s going to rock saltwater fisheries everywhere.

The groundbreaking bait couples an ultra-realistic, mullet profile hollow body topwater to a free-wheeling spinner blade tail. Precision balanced and tuned to fish slow and steady, or fast and furious, the Commotion Mullet is ready to turn the heads, and open the mouths, of inshore, nearshore, and offshore fish species.

Indeed, four ICAST New Product Showcase trophies for LIVETARGET’s Hollow Body Frog, Mouse, Sunfish, and Mullet exemplify LIVETARGET’s dominance in this category. In fact, the Commotion Mullet profile is mirrored after the iconic Hollow Body Mullet walking bait that took ICAST “Best Saltwater Soft Lure” honors in 2017.

The Commotion Mullet’s body bristles with three-dimensional, anatomically accurate features, including scales, pectoral fins, gill plates and eyes, providing not only lifelike detail, but also depth and texture to the body as it swims. Three biologically-inspired color patterns complete the visual deception, making it possible for anglers to Match-the-HatchTM wherever they fish.


Natural/Brown 723


Silver 716


Anglers are sure to be impressed with ultra-high hook up ratios! The Commotion Mullet’s soft hollow body collapses effortlessly on the strike, exposing the attacker to the full lip-piercing and fish-holding power of its extra-strong custom double hook configuration, which is pointed upward and angled just a bit away from the body.

The party gets rolling in the tail section of the Commotion Mullet, where a custom-designed Colorado spinner blade is linked to the lure’s hollow body through a robust, smooth-turning swivel. Work the Commotion Mullet with a series of twitches and jerks to elicit an erratic “plunk” sound from the tail blade, while a straight retrieve produces both sound and a visual bubble trail, helping predators locate and attack the bait from long distances. Operating in unison with the lure’s ultra-realistic, mullet profile hollow body, this spinner blade causes an irresistible commotion! And speaking of long distances, its weight-efficient and streamlined design casts a mile!

LIVETARGET’s new Commotion Mullet was designed with the saltwater angler in mind, and built to do damage on redfish, sea trout, snook, jacks, tarpon, dolphin—and about any pelagic predator. The Commotion Mullet is easy to walk slow with a 180-degrees swing, and fishes fast on a straight retrieve just as easily to maximize sound, vibration, and visual flash.

The LIVETARGET Commotion Mullet is available in two lengths and weights (3 ½” and 5/8 oz; 4” and 3/4 oz) and three biologically-inspired color patterns (721 Natural/Black, 716 Silver, and 723 Natural/Brown), making it easy for anglers to select the perfect lure for their seas. The Commotion Mullet has an MSRP of $14.49 USD.