LIVETARGET: New ICT Ghost Tail Minnow


LIVETARGET Releases New Ghost Tail Minnowwith Injected Core Technology™ (ICT)

A breakthrough in lure design allows anglers to Match-the-Hatch® like never before.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (June 19, 2019) – LIVETARGET’s new Ghost Tail Minnowis a dropshot bait designed to mimic a thin profiled baitfish, such as a Minnow or Shiner feeding near bottom structure. Featuring the Company’s new Injected Core Technology (ICT), it offers an unmatched baitfish profile as life-like as you – or any hungry game fish – have ever seen.


LIVETARGET Ghost Tail Minnow (201) Silver/Blue


Typical dropshot baits are manufactured using a standard injection process.  The front end of the bait can be somewhat realistic; however, in order to generate the dropshot signature action, the tail shape needs to be long and narrow, which creates an overall unnatural profile, making game fish wary.


LIVETARGET’S solution is Injected Core Technology. A life-like Inner-Core is constructed with a realistic Minnow profile, detailed anatomy and vibrant metallic colors. The core is then encapsulated in a crystal clear, durable Exo-Skin, which generates the bait’s signature action and is less noticeable under water.  Game fish focus on the natural profile of the Minnow and are not alarmed by the transparent action-generating mechanics.


Watch the Ghost Tail Minnow dance beneath the surface and you’ll quickly notice the authentic flash as the light bounces off an anatomically accurate soft plastic body. Hold it in your fingers and life appears to pulse beneath its skin. Instantly, you realize that with superior detail, lateral lines and scale patterns, this is one lure that can really Match-the-Hatch®.

Next to the Ghost Tail Minnow, the flash of other soft plastic lures seems muted beneath the surface. Indeed, it’s the life-like ICT appearance that truly separates this entry from the competition. Quite simply, it’s a game changer in the world of dropshot baits.

Great looks are important, of course, but the Ghost Tail Minnow is also engineered to entice the big ones by perfectly matching a minnow’s natural movements. Its unique hydrodynamic tail generates a quivering finesse action, stabilizes the bait and keeps it horizontal – even in current – so the slightest twitch of the rod tip generates a genuine, true-to-life movement no matter the presentation method.

One of the most significant advantages of ICT is the ratio of plastic between the Inner-Core and Exo-Skin. The inner-core is much smaller than the overall cubic mass of the entire lure. That means anglers can present a smaller hatch size but still have the advantages of throwing a bigger bait. The Exo-Skin adds 30% more clear plastic which adds more weight, enabling anglers to use a larger hook, cast further, and feel more direct contact with the lure.  For the first time ever, anglers can fish smaller hatches for big bites.


(134) Silver/Pearl


(952) Silver/Green


(934) Silver/Brown


(951) Silver/Smoke


(207) Silver/Purple


Exceptionally versatile, you’ll find the Ghost Tail Minnow especially helpful when fishing under difficult conditions like approaching cold fronts, mid-summer heat waves or cloudy water where a little extra realism will surely help seal the deal. Jiggle them with a standard drop-shop rig, retrieve with a spring lock hook for fish suspended above the bottom, or slow roll them around structure with a jighead. A convenient hook channel keeps them weedless and improves hook-up ratios when these lures are rigged in a snag-free fashion.

Ghost Tail Minnows are available in 3-3/4”, 4-1/2” and 5” slow-sink sizes and 6 natural-themed color patterns with a MSRP of $9.99 USD (three or four baits depending on size). They come in clamshell packaging to protect against warping and distortion, and they work in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Pick up a few packs today and put yourself in position to keep scoring with the big ones no matter what surprises Mother Nature decides to send your way.

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