Daiwa Introduces New Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel

Cypress, CA (August 3, 2021) – Daiwa’s super-popular Ballistic LT spinning reel lineup just grew even stronger with release of the company’s new Ballistic MQ LT, a compact, lightweight, Monocoque design that’s powerful, durable, and sports an exceptionally smooth drag all at a reasonable price point.

“Daiwa is well known for our Ballistic series of spinning reels,” says Daiwa’s Field Marketing Manager, Marc Mills, “and this new entry really strengthens our lineup. Right out of the gate, it’s going to be a big hit because our Monocoque design enables us to bring additional high-end features to a relatively mid-priced product. The Ballistic MQ LT (Monocoque, Light/Tough) spinning reel has all the Ballistic series staples including featherweight design with welterweight power and silky smooth performance that excels across a wide range of finesse tactics. Packaged in a true one-piece, compact, Monocoque frame with a super-tough rust-free Zaion V body, it has room to carry 20 to 30% larger gears to generate greater cranking power with an imperceptible increase in overall weight-to-size ratio.”

Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel

This is the first time Daiwa has been able to bring its proprietary MQ technology to such a universally popular and affordable family of spinning reels and doing so allows incorporation of additional features most anglers expect to find only in flagship series. “It’s certainly the least expensive reel on the market with an MQ design and so many high-end features,” continues Mills. “In addition to their one-piece monocoque Zaion V body, these reels feature a MagSealed shaft to reduce the chances of water or contaminants sliding down the gear shaft and into the gear box, a Zaion V Air Rotor and Air Bail, tough Digigear technology for extra torque, smoothness and durability, plus a dual ball-bearing-supported waterproof Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD) system that’s absolutely second to none in this price class.”

The Ballistic MQ LT’s Zaion V body is truly unique and a real game changer in terms of increasing the life expectancy of lightweight reels. As light as traditional Zaion but tougher than carbon composite graphite, it is exceedingly strong and rigid yet easier machined. That allows Zaion V to be utilized with exceptional versatility across a wider price range. MQ design further allows for larger gears which provide more cranking power, more torque and increased durability for a longer reel life. A larger and harder zinc gear material and two additional CRBB ball bearings add even more permanency to the reel’s superior performance.

At just six-tenths of an ounce heavier than Daiwa’s corresponding Ballistic LT models, the Ballistic MQ LT sports additional upgrades as well. A machined screw-in handle fits tight and secure while a dual-ball-bearing-supported spool ensures a smooth and stable drag. “Having two ball bearings in the front and back of the spool keeps the spool stable so it doesn’t flex under drag pressure,” explains Mills, “The more stable the spool, the easier for it to turn and the more consistent the drag pressure. This design makes for an amazingly smooth drag system, and this is the first time we’ve been able to include it in a reel this inexpensive.”

Daiwa’s Ballistic MQ LT

Whether you are already a fan of Daiwa’s Ballistic spinning reel series and looking to add another to your arsenal or thinking about upgrading from your current finesse or lightweight workhorse, Daiwa’s Ballistic MQ LT is a great choice. Available in sizes 1000 to 4000, it will help you cast all day long with minimal fatigue, allow use of a wide range of presentations and lure types, and turn the heads of lunkers in need of a little redirection as they dive full bore for the nearest tangle. With its lightweight, single piece monocoque Zaion V body, ball-bearing-supported ATD drag system, tough and smooth Digigear operation, Zaion V Air rotor and air bail, plus perfectly machined, tight-fitting aluminum screw-in handle, this reel covers all the bases when it comes to comfort and performance. At a MSRP of just $229.99, it really is a terrific a catch.

Daiwa’s Ballistic MQ LT MSRP

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