Sharkbanz Zeppelin Wins Best of Category at Exciting ICAST Show

CHARLESTON, SC (August 10, 2021) – Touching down in Florida for the 64th annual International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades’ (ICAST), the team from Sharkbanz was excited and, admittedly, a little apprehensive. The world leader in shark-deterrent technology, Sharkbanz was already highly regarded by swimmers, divers, surfers and beach goers for its popular wearable device, the Sharkbanz 2. However, with release of its new Sharkbanz Zeppelin, designed to ward off sharks that would normally make a quick meal of hooked fish being reeled to the surface, the company was entering uncharted waters.

Would anglers embrace the new concept, they wondered? Would they recognize the significant conservation benefits of using the device? Would they equate it to increased fishing satisfaction and added fun as catches hit the deck fully intact in areas where shark depredation has become a perpetual problem? Would they embrace the ground-breaking technology despite its simple packaging in a 4.5-inch, unobtrusive black cylinder that purposefully lacks flashy colors, bells and whistles?

Sharkbanz Zeppelin Wins Best of Category at Exciting ICAST Show

The response proved to be a resounding, “YES!” on all counts as the Sharkbanz booth was busy throughout the show – especially after the Zeppelin won “Best in Category” for “Terminal Tackle” in the prestigious New Products Showcase Award. Riveted by a film loop showing the Zeppelin at work warding off numerous would-be shark attacks on a variety of bottom species being reeled to the surface, a personal appearance by renowned Key West charter fishing operator Billy Delph who told of having 90% to 100% success with the device, and discussions and demonstrations about rigging and using the Zeppelin by the Sharkbanz crew, reactions at the booth were tremendously positive with the “Best In Category” award serving as an exclamation point on the success of the Zeppelin launch.

Each year the ICAST New Products Showcase recognize the best new fishing products in multiple categories. Voted on by attending product buyers and members of the sportfishing media, these “Best of Category” awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in the fishing tackle industry and are fiercely competitive. In total, this year’s contest saw 686 entries entered by 218 companies.

“This show couldn’t have gone better for us,” said Nathan Garrison, who co-founded Sharkbanz with his father, David Garrison, after a friend suffered a serious attack from a bull shark. “We received a tremendous response from the fishing community, and we’re absolutely thrilled to win the ICAST 2021 ‘Best in Category’ award for ‘Terminal Tackle.’ The new Sharkbanz Zeppelin is backed by more then 10 years of scientific research, studies, and on the water testing with some of the most highly respected captains in the fishing industry, so we have no doubts about the technology and the ability of the Zeppelin to fend off the “Taxman.” We know it significantly improves outcomes for anglers who fish in shark infested waters. Now we have confirmation that the fishing community believes it can help, too. We came here to educate the public about this new, easy-to-use and super-effective shark deterring device. I think we got our points across.”

Because sharks are federally protecte, they are growing in numbers at an alarming rate. In some areas, populations are so thick successful bottom-fishing is nearly impossible because everything hooked gets “sharked” on its way to the surface. With amazing efficiency, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin is changing that scenario. It makes it possible to crank a snapper, grouper or other bottom-feeder right through the hungry predators without a touch.

Designed specifically for anglers, the Sharkbanz Zeppelin uses an electromagnetic field to harmlessly ward off sharks – yet it doesn’t deter other fish from taking a bait or striking a lure. Weighing just 6.5 ounces, it’s compact, easy to use, and requires no batteries or charging. It can be used as a sinker, tied into the main leader, or added to the main line using a carbineer after hooking a fish. In addition to bottom fishing, some anglers are using the Zeppelin while wade fishing and casting from kayaks. Others are adding a Zeppelin to their stringers or catch bags to keep sharks away. Extreme surfcasters are also experimenting with the cutting-edge technology by wearing an original Sharkbanz around the ankle since shallow water shark encounters are always a possibility.

“Congratulations to our entire Sharkbanz Fishing team and all the captains that believed in us as we dipped our toes into the water here,” said Tim Nelson, Director of Brand and Operations for Sharkbanz. “The Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary product that’s poised to change the industry and we are thrilled to see it gaining such quick acceptance within the fishing community. We are grateful that anglers and fishing industry leaders alike are beginning to realize the value of this technology. To quote one ICAST visitor and industry savant that stopped by our booth, the Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin is the ‘most innovative product in 20 years.’ We couldn’t agree more.”

Davis Mersereau, Director of Business Development for Sharkbanz added that it was a thrill for the team to experience their first ICAST show and meet so many anglers, fishing personalities and industry leaders. “Having the opportunity to meet so many of our Sharkbanz Fishing retail partners in person and in one place was another great benefit of attending. For them to see the hard work that’s been put into this product, the best rigging methods, and how well it works will undoubtedly translate into sales that help add more fun and satisfaction to every trip for anglers desperate to stop paying the ‘Taxman’”.
Sharkbanz Zeppelin

The Sharkbanz Zeppelin retails for $75 and is available both online and in a growing number of fishing, boating and outdoors stores. To order online, locate retail outlets, or view videos, testimonials and studies supporting Sharkbanz theory and technology, visit