Slow Roll, Burn or Helicopter

BEMIDJI, Minn. (July 27, 2021) – Spinnerbaits are as ubiquitous to fishing as apple pie is to America. It’s unlikely you’ll find an angler’s arsenal that doesn’t contain at least a handful of spinnerbaits, diehard casters brandishing multiple styles, sizes and colors, each geared for specific species and conditions.

For 2022, Northland Fishing Tackle puts a new spin on their infinitely popular Reed-Runner®, the new Tandem Willow Reed-Runner®. The garish spinnerbait is flush with aggressive blades and long on design and component quality.

Gizzard Shad

Sexy ShadGold Shiner

The premium, yet affordable spinnerbait is predicated on dueling willowleaf-style blades, perfectly arranged and balanced to maximize flash and turbulence in the water. Blades are affixed with slick spinning and durable swivels. The stout steel hairpin features a loop bend tie-eye for easy clipping with snaps and leaders, too. The loop bend tie-eye truly separates the entire Reed-Runner series from the competition.

The Tandem Willow Reed-Runner’s body is equally as distinctive. Their weighted heads are sculpted to emulate a baitfish, its bulging bicolor eyeballs infusing added attraction. The jighead opens into a firmly embedded premium Ultra-Point hook, which can easily support a trailing Northland Slip-On Sting’r Hook to thwart short strikers.

The Tandem Willow Reed-Runner’s skirt stands out as well. Not your typical skirt, the Crazy-Legs® silicone skirt is cap-wrapped, meaning the individual legs are unified into a single component. The benefit is that if a bass or pike pulls on the skirt, you don’t lose individual strands. We’ve all had skirts thinned out to uselessness over time. Not true with Northland’s Crazy-Legs silicone skirt. And beyond durability, the skirt itself is supple and pulses seductively in the water.

Cap-wrapped, single piece Crazy-Legs

Cap-wrapped, single piece Crazy-Legs® silicone skirt.

Virtually weedless, the Tandem Willow Reed-Runner is deadly pulled through or atop vegetation. To that, it’s a producer running amongst emergent vegetation and submerged timber as well.

Versatility abounds as well. In cold water conditions, slowly reel the Tandem Willow Reed-Runner on a straight retrieve, letting its natural motion do the heavy lifting. Opposingly, in warmer water, burn it in and ready for titanic strikes. Another method is “helicoptering” the Tandem Willow Reed-Runner, letting the bait freefall into pockets in the weeds. Pike and muskie enthusiasts will appreciate how the lure trolls on an even keel while covering water. In all instances, add a soft-plastic trailer, like a curly-tail grub or craw for even more mass and action.

The Tandem Willow Reed-Runner is available in ¼, 3/8 and ½-ounce sizes. No lack of color options, either, as the Tandem Willow Reed-Runner is available in 15 colors to include the new Sexy Shad, Gizzard Shad and Gold Shiner. MSRP is $6.99 to $7.99 and will be available in 2022.

Red Shad