DAIWA Adds Premium STEEZ Baitcasting Reel Family

New STEEZ A 100 offers anglers an ultra-high-end, professional-grade baitcasting reel that merges cutting-edge design, performance, and longevity for mission-critical fishing applications

Cypress, CA (March 24, 2023) – DAIWA is proud to share news of a brand-new premium baitcasting reel product launch in the form of its latest addition to the high-end, tournament-proven DAIWA STEEZ baitcaster product family.

Behold the new DAIWA STEEZ A 100, new for March 2023.

Launching today at the Bassmaster Classic, the new DAIWA STEEZ A 100 is loaded with features including HYPER DRIVE DESIGN, MAGFORCE-Z Boost, G1 Duralumin MAG-Z BOOST Spool, and much more.


The DAIWA STEEZ A 100 features HYPER DRIVE DESIGN for an ultra-smooth retrieve and powerful winding performance. Our HYPER DRIVE DESIGN is comprised of four key technologies: HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR, HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT, HYPER ARMED HOUSING and HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH.
HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR – A brand-new gear design makes the teeth of the gears more efficient at transferring power, therefore making the gear set feel smoother, more powerful and also reducing gear noise.
HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT – A two-bearing support system for the reel’s pinion gear means no flex and an ultra-smooth retrieve/ gear rotation.
HYPER ARMED HOUSING – The reel features an aluminum frame and side plate for maximum rigidity and precision performance of the internal components.
HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH – A redesigned and reinforced clutch mechanism increases durability and performance.


MAGFORCE-Z Boost is a setting that emphasizes flight distance that maximizes the long cast performance of MAGFORCE-Z reels.
MAGFORCE-Z is ideal for long casts of medium and heavy lures, and the flight distance increases as much as your input/cast effort. After avoiding the backlash zone, by instantly returning one step, the maximum flight distance is achieved with a relaxed trajectory from the middle of the cast to just before landing.
The STEEZ A 100’s profile ensures easy handling, and its G1 Duralumin MAG-Z BOOST Spool design allows you to cast with virtually no backlashing. An extremely rigid flex-resistant aluminum alloy, G1 Duralumin cuts weight without sacrificing durability. This also creates less start-up inertia, allowing the angler a longer and more manageable cast.