DAIWA and Ever Green International’s Grass Ripper Jig

During the summer, largemouth bass often bury themselves in the grass. Bass sharpies know they are there, but not everyone has the patience to work in water where the stringy stalks wrap around hooks and jig heads with every cast. That’s why DAIWA and Ever Green International’s Grass Ripper (GR) jig series has been so popular.

For 2023, a bigger 34-ounce Grass Ripper will be used to catch bass in deep water, and a slow crawl in shallow water will catch the attention of spring bass.
Heavy jigs like the 3/4-ounce Grass Ripper work right away in 20 feet of water or more, especially along steep ledges. One popular method is to swim them uphill from inside a boat.

grass ripper

With a perfectly placed eyelet at the front of the jig’s nose and a teardrop-shaped head that slopes smoothly from the eyelet to the base, the Grass Ripper gently slides over grass instead of trying to force its way through it. By taking this path of least resistance, the jig doesn’t get caught on grass or other plants around the eyelet, and its strong weed guard protects the hook.

The Grass Ripper has a head in the shape of an anvil, which makes the jig swing like a pendulum when it drops, giving it more coverage. Normal jigs just tumble and flop to the bottom.

“Many jigs have the eyelet on top of the jig head. “Unfortunately, that position makes it so that the jig gets clogged up as you pull it through the grass,” says Marc Mills, DAIWA’s Marketing Manager. “With the Grass Ripper, the jig head just slides up and over the grass to keep itself weed-free most of the time. Try one on a grassy flat and you’ll notice the difference right away. Fewer weeds on your jig means more bites overall and a better chance of a big fish taking a bite at your offering.

The Grass Ripper is available in 14-, 3/8-, 12-, and now 34-ounce sizes and ten colours that have been shown to work. Weed guards in black, brown, or clear go with the jig’s main colour pattern, and its high-quality, heavy-gauge, 4/0 custom bait-holder hook shows that big bass can be caught in North America.

Engineered to swim straight and not flip over, the Grass Ripper’s ability to swim through grass without getting tangled gives anglers new ways to find fish. Whether you want to fill a limit, set a new personal best, or just enjoy a day of solid bassin’ at your favourite honey hole, these jigs give you a serious edge. With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $7.49 to $8.99, they are almost impossible to break, cheap, and will help you catch more big bass from the subsurface lawns that other fishermen avoid.